Once registered in Clock PMS, a company is visible and can be used in all accounts. Services and products can easily be charged to a company. Then these charges can quickly be tracked in the Accounts Receivable Report, there are no doubled entries.

Company Registration

In Clock PMS, it is very easy to register a company:

  • Click 'Company' in the navigation bar and select 'New Company'
  • Fill in the applicable fields of the Billing Info and Contact Info sections
  • Tick 'Accept charge transfers' checkbox to allow the transferring of charges to the company
  • Click 'Create'

Creation of Company Folios, Charge Posting, Transfers and Payment

  • In the Search field of the navigation bar, enter the name of a company, registered in Clock PMS
  • Click the search button next to the search field to have the results listed
  • Click the link to the company or the Open button next to its details
  • On the company screen, you can click the Add Folio button in the Open Folios Section to create a new company folio
  • On the newly created folio screen, you can post charges and payments, see how in Folio - Charges and Folio - Payments
Note: All company-related charges for a certain period can be tracked in the Charge Control Report. All overdue company obligations can be tracked in Accounts Receivable Report.

Company bookings

Bookings can very easily be linked to companies, thus statistic information can be obtained regarding bookings filtered by companies.

  • In the Company/Event field on a booking creation/edit screen, enter a company's name
  • Click 'Save'

In the Bednights Report, clicking the Company segment, you can see the statistic information related to bookings listed by companies.

Company Folios, Bookings, Events and Rates

In Clock PMS, it is very easy to keep track and operate with all folios and bookings, events and rates linked to a company. Just open a company screen, and you will have access to all of them.

A company screen is divided into several sections, showing all company-related folios, bookings, events and rates.

In the Folios section:

  • You have access to all company deposit folios, shown as links. Here you can also create new deposit folios to record deposits received from this company by clicking the Add Deposit button and following the steps from Deposit Folios and Deposits.
  • You have access to all open company folios. And by clicking the Add Folio button, you can create new company folios, see how in Folios.
  • All unpaid closed folios are also shown in this section.

In the Bookings section, you can click:

  • The In Hotel link to see all guests in the hotel having bookings linked to the company
  • The Bookings – Expected Today and Tomorrow link to see all bookings expected today and tomorrow, which are related to the company
  • The No Show / Cancelled link to see all bookings linked to the company, which are no show or cancelled

In the Events section:

  • You can see all company-related events, listed as links to quickly access them.
  • Next to each event, Clock PMS shows the number of bookings related to this event, which is also a link to an advanced search screen displaying these bookings in greater detail.
  • Click the Add Event button and fill in the required fields to create a new company event

In the Rate section, all company-associated rates are shown, allowing you to add and remove rates from this list. These rates are very useful, as, in the rate selection field, Clock PMS gives you the option to choose one of them first, when creating a company-related booking. For more information on this topic, see Booking - Rate and City Tax. In the Rate section:

  • Use the Remove button next to a rate listed here, so that it is no longer associated with this company
  • Click the Add button to open a pop-up and select rates to be associated with the company

All Folios and Details Screen

On a company screen, there is a special button and links called All Folios and details. Use them to access a screen providing detailed information on all folios linked to the company, search options by various criteria and enabling you to operate with these folios, grouped in several sections, including to transfer charges and create a group folio.


This section provides information on all the open, closed or voided deposit folios related to the company, as you can access any of them by clicking the Open button in their line. Use the Add Deposit button in this section to create a new company deposit folio, following the steps from Deposit Folios and Deposits

Closed Folios

This section shows information on closed company-related folios. In this section, by clicking the View button, you can select:

  • Unpaid – to see all unpaid folios linked to the company
  • Last month – to see all closed company folios from last month
  • Last year – to have the list of all closed company folios from last year
  • All – all closed company folios are shown

Open Folios

The Open Folios section shows a list of all open company folios

  • Use the Add button to create new company folios
  • Click the Open button in the line of a folio to access it

Open Voucher Folios

This section contains information on all open voucher folios. In order to use vouchers, you should have the Vacation & leisure groups contracting add-on enabled.

Open Booking Folios

In the Open Booking Folios section, you can perform various operations with the open booking folios related to the company, including to transfer charges from the folios of these company-related bookings to a group folio.For more information on the options in this section, see Charge Transfers and Group Folios

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