Clock Base and PMS API

Accounting (Base) API

Clock Base API is a REST API for read-only access to accounting information in cloud based products: Clock PMS, Clock POS, Clock Golf, etc. Additionally there is an API for creating new charges in folios. Responses can be rendered in an XML, JSON or YAML format.

  • folio_charges
  • folio_credit_items
  • folio_folio_taxes
  • close_folio
  • folios
  • charge_logs
  • credit_item_logs
  • exchange_rates
  • users
  • closures
  • companies
  • charge_templates
  • charge_template_availabilities
  • revenue_categories
  • fiscal_requests
  • statistics

PMS API (additional to the BASE API)

Clock PMS API as a REST API for creating and retrieving bookings, availability and rate requests and product searches from Clock PMS.

  • default_booking_folios
  • booking_folios
  • booking_booking_self_service_to_dos
  • booking_registration_cards
  • booking_charges_by_source_index
  • bookings
  • room_type_availability_adjustments
  • room_types
  • guests
  • room_bookings
  • rooms
  • rate_plans
  • rate_rate_prices
  • rates
  • rate_packages
  • occupancy_forecasts
  • rates_availability
  • products
  • config
  • door_keys
  • phone_calls
  • room_statuses
  • meals
  • booking_offers
  • default_event_folios
  • event_folios
  • events
  • meeting_rooms
  • meeting_room_booking_meeting_room_bookings_charge_index
  • meeting_room_bookings
  • meeting_room_availability_index

POS API (additional to the BASE API)

  • order_charges
  • orders
  • folio_order_charges
  • folio_orders

Custom Payment API

With Clock Custom Payment API, hotels can render custom payment services for collecting payments from their guests. This way, a hotel can develop an interface for a payment service provider or bank not supported by standard Clock PMS payment interfaces.

  • custom_payment_purchases

Message Channels

With the Message Channels in Clock API, you can get instant notifications of selected events. Two notification methods are used: Push and Pull.


  • HTTP or HTTPS POST will be submitted to а URL on your server.
  • HTTP/S Push notification also has a retry feature in case your URL is not reachable at the moment.
  • A separate URL is required for each account (hotel/restaurant). To this end, a parameter, subdomain or domain for each account URL can be used. Example URL:
  • The Push service uses the Amazon SNS service .
  • Additional monthly fee and one-time setup fee is required for this method. Contact our support team for terms and conditions if you need push events on demo/trial account.


  • The 'Long polling' ( wiki ) method is used. 'Long polling' is a continuous listening for event on URL on our server. If no messages are available, 304 http code will be returned in 30 seconds. In case of event – http code 200 will be returned.
  • When the pull method is used, the 'Check-After-Job' techniques implementation is strongly recommended: After finishing with the tasks related with the received event, check for new events with the REST (API) methods.
  • Pull method doesn't require additional settings.
  • No additional fee is required outside the API add-on fee.
  • The Actual Event URL can be found by calling the Root URL.

More information, supported events and the push method setup procedure - in the "Clock Base and PMS API" documentation below.


Clock Base and PMS API

Clock Base API - APPENDIX: Object attributes

Clock PMS API - APPENDIX: Object attributes

Clock Custom Payment API

Clock PMS DoorKey API

Clock PMS Yield Management API

Clock PMS Phone Calls API

Important notice:

All assistance requests regarding the API require more time for analysis and can not be answered instantly via skype, chat or phone call. The best way to submit such inquiries is an email with a brief description of the issue and the final goal you wish to achieve. Thank you for your understanding!

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