Commission processing

The new add-on for processing commissions helps calculating commissions, checking the calculated amounts and tracking paid and payable commissions to your partners. The add-on is integrated in the bookings and has access to all the data it needs to calculate the commissions. No export to external systems or double entries are needed.

To indicate that a company has a commission contract, specify the standard commission rate it uses. Enter the rate percentage in the company editing screen. If a company uses different commission rates for different cases, enter the one that applies most often.

To open the commission processing module:

  • in the main navigation strip click Company – Commissions. Make sure you have access right 'Commission processing: Edit".
  • Use the filters to find the bookings you will be processing or need information about.
  • The list includes all bookings with defined commissions, as well as those for which it has to be calculated based on the % commission defined in their company profile.

To calculate the commission of bookings:

  • Click Select Multiple
  • Select the desired bookings
  • Click 'Calculate Commission'

To change the commission rate of a booking or remove it altogether:

  • Select 'Edit Commission' for the desired booking or fill in the commission amount.
  • ! Please note that you fill in the amount of the commission, not percentage rate
  • ! The same operation can be performed in the booking editing screen.
Use the note as a reminder for possible exceptions (different commission rates, no commission, etc.).
Use function 'Mark 'Checked' / 'Mark 'Not checked' to mark commissions that are already checked and ready to be paid out.
Fill in the payment dates of paid out commissions so that they are easily set apart from those payable.

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