Guest Mailer

The Guest Mailer allows automatic or manual sending of email templates to booking holders for various purposes. Use these emails to reduce the number of no-show bookings by reminding guests of their bookings and the functions of the Self service portal they can use (cancellation, period change), as well as to encourage guests to use the Self service portal to leave feedback or share their experience in social networks.

  • Multiple templates. Set multiple email templates for various purposes.
  • Multiple languages. Each template has different content in the different languages.
  • Auto / Manual Send. You can choose to send email templates automatically or manually. The manually sent email templates significantly expand the number of tasks to be addressed through this module.
  • Auto Send after booking creation, before and after arrival or departure. The Auto Send option can be linked to the point of: Booking Creation; Arrival Date and Departure Date.
  • Time Range. To have greater precision when using the Auto Send option, you can set the number of hours after booking creation, arrival or departure, after which an email is to be sent. This way emails can be sent and received during the working hours of the recipient, increasing the chance for these emails to be read.
  • Automatic email sending for different booking types. Using filters, you can send different emails to:
    • ОТА bookings and Direct bookings. Through the ОТА booking filter you can set different email templates for ОТА bookings and Direct bookings. This option is a tool helping you convert ОТА bookers to direct bookers and also retain the loyalty of your direct bookers.
    • Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed bookings. Use the Guarantee Status to set different email templates concerning bookings that are guaranteed, non-guaranteed, await guarantee or whose period to be guaranteed has expired. Thus you can automate the process of reminding your guests to guarantee their bookings and possible booking cancellation. Use this option in combination with the Guarantee Policies and their 'Guarantee Term (expiration)' setting to fully automate the process.
    • Promotion of Events and Periods. The 'In Hotel from' and 'In Hotel to' filters can be used for the automatic sending of emails to booking holders checking in at your hotel during a certain period. This booking segmentation allows you to promote various upcoming events at your hotel, etc. to your guests. Also you can use the filter for different upsell promotions related to stay extension.
  • A wide range of options for email customization. The 'parameters' enable you to insert any information from bookings into an email to a guest: starting from the customized salutation 'Dear Mr. John Smith' and ending with the booking period and number, guest's room, guarantee payments due, etc.
  • Rich Text and Full Customization. Through the easy-to-use rich text editor you can quickly and effortlessly design your emails. Change fonts, sizes, colours, etc. You can also insert your own images (already posted on the Internet) or links to your or other websites. To have complete and professional customization, insert a ready-to-use HTML email template, created by a designer or email template generator.
Note: For those having used the old pre-arival/post-departure email option. The email content has automatically been transferred to the new module, enabling you to continue using this option.
Guest Mailer

Guest Mailer Setup

  • Go to Other - Settings - Guest Mailer.
  • Add a new template through the Add button
  • Name the template depending on its purpose.
  • For automatic email sending:
    • Select 'On' for the Auto Send field after having filled in all the fields, created the contents of the respective email and having sent it for a test booking manually.
    • In the Send on field, select whether the period for sending emails to start from: Date and Time of Booking Creation; Arrival Date (the default arrival time is 12:00h); Departure Date (the default departure time is 12:00h).
    • In the Time range field, fill in the number of hours from the point chosen above, after which an email is to be sent, e.g.:
      • After booking creation - the number of hours after booking creation, after which an email is to be sent. These emails are sent to expected bookings only.
        Note: If you set a period of 120h (5 days), emails will be sent on the fifth day after the creation of the respective bookings, provided that they are still expected .
      • Before arrival - the number of hours before 12:00 on the arrival date. These emails are only sent for expected bookings. Note: If you set a period of 120h. (5 days), all the bookings, having been created in the last 5 days, will not receive an email, because the moment for sending the emails is missed. Also you are advised not to enter very short periods, if you have early check-in, i.e. if you have check-in from 8:00h, you should not enter a value less that 4h (12:00h minus 4 hours makes 8:00h). Otherwise, all the bookings with early check-in will not receive an email, as the guests will have been checked in prior to the email sending.
      • Up to arrival - the number of hours up to arrival. In contrast to the 'Before arrival' If you set 'Up to arrival' to 120 hours (5 days), then all bookings, even the last minute ones, will receive an email. The sending will start 120 hours before arrival, and the last minute bookings will be sent an email with their very creation.
      • After arrival - the number of hours after arrival (fill in 0, if you desire email sending immediately after arrival or enter 24, 48, etc. This way emails will be sent after 1, 2 or more days after arrival); Emails will be sent for checked-in bookings only.
      • Before departure - the number of hours before departure. As with all of the rest templates, the hours are counted back from 12:00 noon (on the date of departure). Example: If you want the pre-departure emails to be sent at 17:00 on the day before departure, you need to enter in the 'Time Range (hours)' field: 19, i.e. 19 hours before 12:00 noon on the date of departure. The emails are only sent for bookings with a "Checked-in" status.
      • After departure - number of hours after departure (fill in 0, if you desire email sending immediately after departure or enter 24, 48, etc. This way emails will be sent after 1, 2 or more days after departure); Emails will be sent for checked- out bookings only.
  • If you wish to filter a certain booking type through the auto send option:
    • OTA booking filter. OTA bookings are the ones received through the automatic import of the channel manager. If, for some reason, you have entered an OTA booking manually, you can send the respective emails for it manually.
    • Guarantee status filter. Using this filter, emails will be sent only for bookings having a certain Guarantee status.
    • Use the In hotel from / In hotel to filters separately or in combination to filter the bookings for which emails to be sent depending on guests' arrival and/or departure dates.
    • Minimum stay and Max stay filters.Create different email templates to be sent your guests with a longer or shorter period of stay using the Minimum stay and Max stay filters: Both filters work on the 'included' basis, i.e. if you set Minimum stay = 3 and Max stay = 6, emails will be sent for the bookings for: 3, 4, 5 and 6 nights. You can also use the filters separately, i.e. only the Minimum stay or Max stay.
    • Use Included/Excluded companies filters to select to which companies the specific template to be or not to be sent.
      • Included companies. In this case, the template will be sent for the bookings of the companies on this list.
      • Excluded companies. In this case, the template will be sent for the bookings of all companies but the ones of the companies on this list.
  • Save


Each email template has different content in the different languages. You can fill in the content of emails after their creation.

  • Click the Templates button in the email template list.
  • The upper part of the list contains the various languages – choose the language
  • Fill in the 'E-mail Subject' field
  • Click 'Edit' on the 'Email Body Template' field and enter the text to be the content of the email. Format the text as per your requirements. Add an image (already posted on the Internet) or links.
    Note: Click this button to select from the examples:
  • Parameters. You can add parameters to the 'E-mail Boby Template' field. These can be the details of the respective booking, for which the email is sent. The details can be the guest name or any other booking data and amounts.
    • The parameters have special formatting – surrounded by double curly brackets. The parameters to be used in the Guest Mailer start with booking., e.g. booking.number is the booking number, and booking.guest_last_name is the last name of a guest.
    • The system substitutes the parameters for the information retrieved from the booking. The content can be edited further by deleting or adding information, or you can send it as it is to the respective recipient.
    • Browse all parameters (placeholders) in the template editor by pressing this button
  • If you have an HTML email template, created by your web designer or generated through another application, you can edit it through the rich text editor:
    • Click the arrow on 'Edit' button for 'Email Body Template' field. Select 'Edit with Plain Text Editor'
    • Paste your code
  • Save.
Guest Mailer

Disabling Automatic Emails

Even having set the Guest Mailer to send automatic emails, you can choose to disable some or all automatic emails for certain bookings. To do so:

  • Open a booking
  • Go to the 'Disabled Auto Mailers' section on a booking edit screen
  • Tick the check boxes of the automatic emails not to be sent automatically
  • Click 'Save'

Manual Email Sending

You can manually send an email template the following way:

  • Open a booking
  • Click the 'New Email' button in the 'Booking Emails' section.
  • A list of email templates will appear.
  • Click the desired email template to open it and make changes, if needed. Then use the 'Send' button to send it.
  • The email templates already used for manual or automatic email sending will appear in the 'Booking Emails' section with their time and date of sending, sender, recipient, etc.

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