Suggest an Improvement

Your voice is important to us. Share your ideas about Clock PMS through the UserVoice Platform. It is the only system the Development Team uses to get your feedback on Clock PMS.

Here is how your idea can reach us:

  • Click the '?' menu in the navigation bar and select 'Suggest an Improvement'
  • In the pop-up window, fill in the fields
  • Click 'Post'

Your idea is received by our team. You can use the 'Post another idea' link to send a new idea of yours to us. To see the ideas of other users or access all your ideas, click the 'Customer Feedback for Clock PMS' – a link to our forum.

Clock PMS Forum – Comments and Votes

Here you can make new suggestions or simply see the ideas shared by other users. The platform allows you to comment on these posts or vote for them. Just click the link to a post.


  • Click the link to a post
  • Enter your opinion in the comment field
  • Click 'Post'


You can vote both for your and someone else's ideas:

  • Click the Vote button next to an idea
  • The platform enables to give up to 3 votes for an idea

Note: To help improve the overall quality of ideas, the number of your votes is limited to 10. And with each idea you post, it is supported with at least one of your votes by default. Left with 0 votes, you can no longer post ideas.

Left with Zero Votes

When left with zero votes, you can still search and comment on existing ideas.

In order to be able to share new ideas, you have to restore some of your votes. There are two ways to do it:

  • When an admin closes an idea you've voted for, you'll get your votes back from that idea
  • Alternatively, you can remove your votes from an open idea you support
  • To see the ideas you have already voted for or commented on, select the 'My feedback' link:
    • Click the Vote button next to a post supported by you
    • Select a lower number of votes or remove the votes

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