Upsell Rate

Let your clients purchase higher priced rooms and packages as a result of a self-driving yet personalised yield management procedure – Upsell Rates.

Setup and Logic

Upsell Rate List

Activate the feature and choose the rates to be included in the Upsell list. Standard rates or specially created discounted rates `(standard and derived) rates can be used or even occupancy adaptable rates:

  • Go to 'Settings' - 'Self Service Settings' - 'Upsell rates'
  • Select 'Yes' from the drop-down menu of the section
  • Click the 'Select Rates' link to choose the rates
  • 'Save'

The suitable upsell rates will be available for choosing on the Self Service or in Clock Kiosk.

Note: A rate will be presented to the guest only if:
  • There are free rooms for the room type rate for the booking period.
  • All restrictions of the rates are compatible with the booking attributes (arrival, stay, departure, adults, children, …) and all other restrictions permit the rate to be available.
  • The total price of the upsell rate is MORE than the price of the booking (extra services selected in WRS or posted manually are not calculated in the booking price).

Special Offers

The available upsell rates are displayed to the Guest on the Self Service Portal (prior to check-in or on self check-in) and Clock Kiosk (on self check-in). Receptionists can access applicable upsell rates in PMS as well.

The 'Special Offers' list is uniquely calculated for each booking and consists of rates applicable to this booking only.

Guest can find all special offer details and check the upgrade price (the difference between the current booking price and each special offer) and select a Special Offer to upgrade into. Once the guest selects the desired offer, the booking is updated and the rate price is recalculated.

Use this feature with the guest mailer to send invitations to your guests and promote the special offers section on the Self Service portal.

Clock PMS - Upsell Rates in self service

Clock PMS - Upsell Rates list

Upgrade Index

Sometimes automated upgrade suggestions may be inappropriate. For example, a special offer an APP may be sold at a lower price than the regular DBL, or HB sold at a lower price than standard BB. The upgrade index is an additional parameter which helps avoid this.

  • You can set upsell index for each room type. Then only room types with higher index than that of the booking room type will be offered.
  • You can set upsell index for each rate. Then only rates with higher booking rate index will be offered.

Using Restrictions

With the Upsell Rates, the following restrictions:

  • 'Minimum days before arrival' to allow upsell to be available a certain number of days before arrival
  • 'Minimum free rooms' to allow upgrades to be available only if there are a certain number of free rooms available.

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