Guarantee policies

The guarantee policies in Clock PMS are used to:

  • Calculate required deposits in the WRS and the confirmation letters.
  • Communicate terms and conditions to the client
  • Define how bookings can be paid in your WRS
  • Create refundable and Non-refundable rates

Adding / Editing guarantee policy

Clock PMS supports multiple guarantee policies. Each of them can be intended for different cases.

To add/edit a guarantee policy, go to the main menu - 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Guarantee policy'

  • Select New or Edit
  • Specify the name of the policy. The name is mainly for system use. You can set a clearer text for your customers later.
  • Select which guarantee methods apply to this policy. The methods are used in your web reservation system. They define how a booking can be finalised: with an on-line payment, by providing credit card details or with an off-line bank payment. The selected methods are shown to the client as options.
    • Example: For a non-refundable guarantee policy select only on-line payments methods, for a flexible guarantee policy select only Credit Card, etc.
  • If the policy doesn't require a deposit to be paid, leave the deposit fields blank. If otherwise, select the deposit calculation method.
  • Deposit Fixed Amount: A deposit can contain a fixed and/or relative amount. You can use both (fixed + relative amount) or only one of them (fixed OR relative one).
  • Deposit Relative Amount: A deposit relative amount can be based on a percentage of the booking amount and/or nights. If both are defined, the greater amount applies .
    • Deposit percent:Percentage of the booking amount, as you can choose which revenue groups to be used for the booking amount calculation: rooms, packages, extra, etc.
    • Deposit night count:Here you can set how many nights to be counted as a deposit. The night amount is calculated as the average night price based on the booking amount (as defined above).

    1. Number of nights: 3, guest's stay: 2 nights, so the required deposit will be 2 nights x average room price for the booking
    2. Number of nights: 3, guest's stay: 4 nights, so the required deposit will be 3 nights x average room price for the booking
  • Guarantee period section: Use the fields of 'Max days after booking creation' and 'Min days before arrival' to define the period after the creation of a booking and/or the period before arrival within which the booking is to be guaranteed.
  • Save.
Tip: The bookings not guaranteed within the specified period are treated as expired and are included in the Bookings Awaiting Guarantee Report. Using the 'Only expired' filter, you can see all these expired bookings.

Describing terms and conditions

Each guarantee policy can include a description of the hotel terms and conditions. This description is rendered in the confirmation letter according to the selected guarantee policy in the respective booking or to the current guarantee policy in your web reservation system.

To edit the text, go to the main menu - 'Other' - 'Settings' - ' Languages and Texts'. You can add as many languages you need. For more information see article 'Languages and Texts'.

To enter the description, for each language select 'Guarantee Policy Description/Translation'.

For each policy enter 'Display name' – the name (title) of the policy shown to your clients. 'Description': enter the terms and conditions for this policy.

Without Guarantee

If you don't need deposits and payment settings in the guarantee policy, you can still set a description of the terms and conditions. In this case you don't need to set up any guarantee policy. Just enter the terms and conditions in: Main menu - 'Other' - 'Settings' - ' Languages and Texts' - 'Without Guarantee translations'. This text will be used in the confirmation letters of bookings (or WRS) when no guarantee policy is selected.

Guarantee policy and your Web Reservation System

The guarantee policy in your Web Reservation System is defined by two settings:

  • Default guarantee policy for WEB. Set the default guarantee policy for your Web Reservation System in: Main menu - 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Web Reservation System'. Find 'Guarantee policy for web' and select the policy. Save.
  • Guarantee policy for certain rate. A rate can have its own guarantee policy overriding the default guarantee policy. This way you can create rates with 100% prepayment and others without prepayment. To set a guarantee policy for a certain rate go to: Main menu - 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Web Reservation System'. Find section 'Rates for Web Reservation System' and select link 'Edit Rates'. Select a guarantee policy for each of the rates you need. Save.

Depending on the guarantee policy (default or set by rate), clients see the payment methods it allows listed as options. They can select one of them to finalise the reservation in the WRS.

If no guarantee policy is set for the WRS, guests can create bookings directly, without any guarantee requirements.

Guarantee policy and off-line bookings

For bookings created in the system, you can select a Guarantee policy field. This way the confirmation will look the same as the confirmation from the WRS. A deposit will be calculated and terms and conditions will be printed according to the selected policy.

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