Marketing Sources / Channels

For the purposes of marketing analyses, Clock PMS maintains two parallel segmentations: Marketing Source and Marketing Channels.

Both segments are filled-in in any booking. Afterwards, the reports can show the data of nights and revenues from bookings, segmented by the two indicators. The reports named 'Charges segmentation report' and 'Bed nights report' has this option. They provide summarized statistic information grouped by your selection of one or both indicators.


  • Select 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Marketing Sources / Channels'
  • Enter each value in a new line (press Enter after each value).
  • 'Save'


You can use 'Booking' - 'Advanced Search' to find all the bookings from a certain segment. Also you can find all the bookings which lack correctly filled-in 'Marketing Source' and 'Marketing Channels' fields by ticking 'Without marketing source' and 'Without marketing channel' check boxes.

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