Multiple Accounts (Properties, Restaurants, etc.)

Clock applications (Clock PMS, Clock POS, Clock Golf, etc.) support multiple accounts in one subscription, thus providing companies, enterprises and chains with:

  • Single user login and centralized user management
  • Fast access to authorized accounts
  • Centralized reporting
  • Centralized guest profile database
  • Single company database
  • Single-point currency exchange rates management

How to create a new account?

New subscribers get one hotel or/and one restaurant. To add more accounts to your subscription:

  • Log-in with the master user (subscription owner). New accounts can be created by master users only.
  • Go to 'Settings' - 'Users'.
  • Find the master user and select 'Edit'
  • Scroll down to section 'Accounts'.
  • Select 'New hotel', 'New restaurant', etc.
  • Fill the name of the account (property, restaurant, ..), any optional fields (if present) and confirm.
  • Done
Please keep in mind that Clock pricing is based on accounts. New charges may apply for each new account. Please check the current price list. Prices

How to access the new account?

If you have multiple accounts, you can access them from the 'All accounts' screen.

  • In the home screen select the 'Eject' icon. Alternatively, select 'All accounts' in menu 'Other'.
  • All accounts accessible to the current user are listed.
  • Select an account to access it or use the fast buttons (new booking, availability, etc.) to start an operation directly.
  • You can open an account in a new browser tab ('right click'/'Alt menu' - 'open in a new tab'), and work simultaneously in multiple accounts.
  • The last account used is remembered and your are redirected directly to it at your next login.

New Account Users

After it is created, a new account can be accessed ONLY by the master user. To give access to other users and administrators:

  • Login as master user
  • Select an account in the 'All accounts' screen.
  • Go to 'Settings' - 'Users'.
  • Find the desired user and select 'Edit'.
  • In the 'Grant Account Access' section select the accounts you want to grant access to.
  • Use 'All' / 'None' buttons for fast selection of accounts. Save
  • Done

How to delete an account?

If you have created an account by mistake or you don't need it anymore, you can send a request for deleting the account to our support team.

  • Log in as master user
  • Select the account from 'All accounts' screen.
  • Select 'Send Question/Issue' from the '?' menu and type 'Delete this account'.
  • Our support team will verify your request with a secret key send to the subscription owner e-mail and will delete the account upon approval.
Note:Please note that data in the account will be deleted irretrievably, so make sure you have a backup report printout/exports.

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