Payment Subtypes

Clock PMS uses Payment Types and Subtypes to classify payments in reports.

The payment types in Clock PMS are fixed: Cash, Card, Bank, Debit, On-line, Check, Voucher, Other.

For a more detailed classification, add subtypes to them. Payment types and subtypes are selected for each payment.

1. Setup

To add a Subtype :

  • Open 'Settings' from menu 'Other' in the navigation strip
  • Select 'Payment Subtype'
  • 'Add'
  • Enter the name of the subtype and the related payment type.

2. Application

A payment type and subtype are selected for each payment:

  • Open a folio
  • Select 'New Payment'
  • First select payment type.
  • Select the corresponding payment subtype
  • 'Create Payment'

3. Usage

If you have payments with selected subtypes, check 'Payments Report'

  • Select 'Reports' in menu 'Other' in the navigation strip
  • Select 'Payments Report'
  • Enter a period;
  • 'View'
  • The payments are split down to Type, SubType and Currency

The subtype is used in the following reports: 'Payments Report', 'Payments in Open Folios'; 'Cashier Closure'.

4. Setting 'Require subtype for each payment'

You can set a requirement for filling a subtype for each payment. In this case no payment can be created without a payment subtype.

To activate the requirement :

  • Open 'Settings' from menu 'Other' in the navigation strip
  • Select 'Payment Subtype'
  • Find 'Payment Subtype required for each payment' and click button 'Change'. To cancel the requirement, click button 'Change' again.

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