Rates: Rate Plans and Standard Rates

How to create a rate

First, you need to set a rate plan to define the main rate parameters. The role of Rate plans is to be a kind of a folder containing rates with the same VAT%, currency:

Go to menu Other / Settings/General settings / Rate plan.

  1. Click 'Add'
  2. Specify the rate plan name.
  3. Set the currency, and percent of the tax to apply to all rates in this rate plan
  4. If the rate is going to include different prices for weekends, select these days here as well. For more info on weekend prices, see Seasons below
  5. Click 'Continue'

Now set a standard rate. This rate is the price of a certain combination of room type and number of guests. Use rates to automate room charging, set the prices for your website and the ones for online tour operators. Here is how:

  1. Click 'New Rate'
  2. Select 'Standard Rate'
  3. Choose the Room Type/Room the rate is to apply to
  4. Enter a name – usually it describes the guests the rate applies to (e.g. 2 A(dults)+1C(hild))
  5. Select a revenue group and category
  6. Select 'City Tax' mode, if you want the rate to charge city tax automatically.
    Check out how the City Tax is applied in a booking and the different City tax modes: Booking - Rate and City Tax
  7. If the rate includes meals, tick them as well.
  8. Repeat these steps for all the rates you need.

Then use the Season option to set default prices and restrictions for the period from the season start date to the next season start date. How to set a season start date:

How to edit Days and Seasons

Double click on a season (blue) cell

Select a white day cell and tap the 'Season' button.

Tap on an orange day cell. Tap ouside to save or use Tab to save and move to the next cell.

Double click on a white day cell.

Tap on a white day cell and tap the 'Day/s' button.

Drag over white day cells and tap the 'Day/s' button.

Hold ctrl or cmd key and click or drag to select multiple days. Tap the 'Day/s' button

Use the availability (black) cells to select one or multiple days. The days for this room type will be selected in all rates. Works only in the 'Flat' view.

Use the gray zones to drag the table.

  • Double click on a blue cell in the rate table and fill in the price and restrictions. OR
  • Select a white cell for a season start date and click the 'Season' button at the top.

In addition to the season price, you can set a second season price to be used at weekends only , for example. To do so, you need to have weekend days set. It is done either with the rate plan creation, or you can add them later on by editing the plan.

Setup of a weekend price:

  • Double click a blue or white cell to set a season start date. To set a weekend price, you need to have both season and weekend price fields filled in.
  • Fill in the season and weekend prices.
  • Click 'New'

Use the 'Day' cell to override the default season price or restrictions set through a 'Season'.

To set a single Day:

  • Click on an orange cell. OR
  • Select a white cell and click the 'Day(s)' button.

To set multiple Days at once:

  • Drag over multiple white cells to select a period. OR
  • Hold 'Ctrl'/'Cmd' key while selecting or dragging to choose even more dates/periods (white cells). OR
  • Select/Drag availability cells (available room table). This way you will select a certain period in all rates for this room type.
  • Click the 'Day(s)' button to change the price or set restrictions.

To clear a set day price/restrictions:

  • Select single or multiple days (white cells).
  • Click the small split button next to the 'Day(s)' button and select 'Clear price/restrictions for the days selected'.
  • Select what to be cleared.
  • Save

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