Tags and Rate Search


Use multiple tags to each rate to help you find and edit a group of rates easier. For example, you could use a 'Base' tag for all the base rates that are most edited, or a 'Promo' tag for all the current promotions. This will enable you to quickly find and open the group of promotions or the most edited rates only. In addition, in one of the next updates, we will develop the option to use tags on the Rate and Availability screen.

You can add tags for each rate of a rate plan on the rate edit screen:

  • In the navigation bar, go to 'Other' – 'Settings' – 'Rate Plan'
  • Select a rate plan
  • Click the name of a rate
  • In the Tags field, the already used tags appear in a list to select from or you can type the name of a new tag
  • Click 'Add'
  • You can add as many tags as you like
  • To remove a tag, click its red 'x' box
  • Click 'Save'


We have entirely changed the rate search screen by adding options for a flexible search and quick rate editing. Here is how:

The screen is divided into two. The left part shows rate plans, as we have preserved the option to edit all the rates of a rate plan. New quick features (buttons next to each rate) have also been added

  • Rate Search by Name and Tag. You can easily search for rates by name (rate name, rate plan name or name of a room type/room), as well as by tag. Apart from being able to type a search text, you can also take advantage of a quick selection button (Tags dropdown menu). This menu contains tags, room types and rate plan names. Thus you can use multiple search criteria by simply choosing them from the dropdown menu.

  • Editing Prices for Selected Rates. After finding the desired rates, choose them and click 'Price Table' to open them in a table where you can edit their prices and restrictions. In this price and restriction editor, only the selected rates will be shown. This way the screen looks much more compact and you can easily find the desired days and prices.

  • Use the "Set multiple days" button to open the old batch update screen, however, this time, it will show the selected rates only.

  • Quick functions for Each Rate. Clicking the button next to any of the rates in the list, you will have access to the following quick functions for this rate:
    • Price Table – Price and restriction edit screen for the respective rate
    • Edit / Tags – Opening a screen for editing the main rate parameters, where you can also add or remove rate tags
    • Package – Use it to edit rate package elements
    • Package – Use it to edit rate package elements
    • Restrictions – Showing rate restrictions screen
    • Remove from WRS / List in WRS – A quick feature for adding (or removing) a rate to (or from) the rate list supported by your WRS
    • Remove from WRS / List in WRS – A quick feature for adding (or removing) a rate to (or from) the rate list supported by your WRS.
    • Delete – Rate deletion

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