Registration Card Fields

You can customize the information that is collected from your guest and shown in registries and registration cards.

To edit the registration card fields, go to 'Settings' - 'Registration Card fields'

Information collected in bookings

In the first column 'In Booking' select the fields to be:

  • 'Hidden': if you don't need to collect such information about your guests
  • 'Shown': the field is shown, but can be left blank.
  • 'Required': the field is shown and is required.

Information collected in the Self Service portal

If you are using the Self Service portal and its 'Fill your Registration Card(s)' feature, you can select the fields shown there.

  • Tick each field you want shown in the portal in the 'Self Service portal' column.

Information shown in the Hotel Registry

Select the fields to be shown in your hotel registry (Registration card search). Tick the fields in column 'Hotel Registry'.

To check the hotel registry, select 'Booking' - 'Hotel Registry' from the main navigation strip.

Information shown in the registration card print preview

The registration card print preview is designed for printing. It is also the form shown to your guests for electronic signing.

It can be customized in several aspects:

  • Select the registration card fields to be shown. To set a field to be shown in your registration card preview form, tick it in column 'Print form'.
  • Show/Hide the electronic signature button. In order to allow collecting electronic signatures on a tablet or a touch-pad, tick 'Signature' in column 'Print form'.
  • Display your logo Go to 'Settings' - 'Google Map / Logos'. Upload your logo in section 'Logo - Booking Confirmation'.
  • Display your hotel policy. Go to 'Settings' - 'Languages and Texts'. Select 'Booking Confirmation - Hotel policy'. Enter text for 'Title' and 'Description'.
  • Display the guarantee policy selected in the booking Go to 'Settings' - 'Languages and Texts'. Select 'Guarantee Policy Description/Translation'. Fill in 'Display/Print name' and 'Description' for each of your policies.

To check your Registration Card print form, open a registration card from a booking or directly from 'Hotel Registry' and select 'Print Preview'.

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