Revenue Groups and Categories

Revenue groups

The Revenue groups are fixed (Rooms, Packages, F&B, Extra, Tax, Other and Deposit).

  • Revenue group 'Rooms' and 'Packages' is used for registering room charges and for calculation of some KPI as ADR, RevPar, etc.
  • Revenue group 'Tax' is used for charges like City Tax, Resort Tax, etc.
  • Revenue group 'Deposit' is used for charges in deposit folios/invoices (a deposit invoice is a special type of folio/invoice).
  • Revenue groups 'F&B', 'Extra' and 'Other' can be used for classifying all other services.

Revenue categories

For more detailed reports, add categories to each group.


To add a category:

  • Open 'Settings' from menu 'Other' in navigation
  • Select 'Revenue Categories'
  • 'New'
  • Enter the name of the category and the related revenue group.


The revenue groups and categories are selected for each charge.

  • Open a folio
  • Select 'Add charge'
  • Select 'Manual charge'
  • First select a revenue group.
  • Then select the corresponding revenue category.

The operation can be automated if you set revenue groups and categories in the charge templates, the rates and the city tax.


If there are charges with selected categories, they will be included accordingly the Charge Summary report.

  • Select 'Reports' in menu 'Other' in the navigation
  • Select 'Charge Summary Report'
  • Enter a period
  • In 'Group by' select 'Revenue Groups/Revenue Categories'
  • 'View'
  • The revenue is broken down into groups and categories.

The categories are used the following reports: 'Charge Summary Report'; 'Charge Segmentation Report'; 'Closed Folios Report'; 'Closed Folios Summary Report'.

Clock PMS Revenu Groups and Categories

Charge Summary Report


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