Room (Unit) Types

This setting requires users to have right 'Settings' granted!

'Room type' is any type of rentable unit. Depending on your property, this can be: Apartment type, Villa type, Bungalow type, Bed type, Camping plot type, etc.

The room types are used to group rentable units with similar characteristics for easy price management and availability reports.

If you want certain units in your property to be booked and priced equally, create a room type for them.

Be careful: creating too many room types will give you more detailed availability data, but it can also leave your availability reports too fragmented and make pricing management more complicated.

To add/edit a Room Type

  1. In the main menu select 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Room Type'
  2. Add a new or edit an existing room type.
  3. Fill the name of the room type. Save.
Deleting a room type is not allowed if you have bookings, rooms and rates for it. In such case you need to change the room type in those bookings, rooms and rates first.
The availability of a room type is based on the rooms from this room type.

Virtual Room Types - setup and editing

As their name suggests, these room types are virtual ones made up of other rooms (units) to let you better meet customer needs. We call these other rooms Component rooms. The setup or editing of a virtual room type similar to the one of a standard room type:

  • On the room type screen, click 'Add Virtual Room' or 'Edit' next to an existing one
  • Fill in the name of the virtual room type
  • In the Components section, use the button to add as many room type lines as the number of the virtual type's component rooms. Save.
Booking a virtual room you also indirectly book the component rooms making it up, and vice versa.

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