Rooms (Units)

Rooms are individual rentable units. Depending on the type of property they can be: Apartments, Villas, Bungalows, Beds, Plots, etc.

Creating rooms

  • In the main menu select 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Room'
  • Select 'Edit Rooms'
  • Select 'Add 1 Room' or 'Add Multiple Rooms'
  • Fill in 'Name' ('Number'). The name is mainly for internal usage (list and reports) in Clock PMS. Shorter names are recommended.

    Note: Your can set a longer and clearer name for your website booking engine or self service portal in 'Settings' - 'Languages and Texts' - 'Room Description/Translation'.
  • Select the room type for each room.
  • Additionally, you can fill a description for each room to indicate individual room characteristics like bed type, view, etc.
  • Sort order. Rooms are sorted by name (alphabetically). To customize the sorting order of rooms in lists, for each room fill this field with an ascending number. Using numbers in tens will leave space between them for easy reordering later (example: 10, 20, 30, ...).

    If you have: 101, 102, 10A, 110, but you want the sort order to be 10A, 110, 101, 102 . Fill the following sort order: 10A -> 10; 110 -> 20; 101 -> 30; 102 -> 40. If later you decide to move 102 to second place, you don't need to change the sort order of all rooms, just set 102 -> 11.
  • Save.

Creating virtual rooms

  • In the main menu select 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Room'
  • Select a virtual room type from the 'Add Virtual Room' dropdown menu
  • Enter the room's name (number)
  • Choose which standard rooms will be the component rooms making up the virtual room.
  • Save
  • Only standard rooms can be used for the creation of a virtual room.
  • Once used for a virtual room, the standard room cannot become a component room of another virtual one.
  • Booking a component room, you also indirectly book the related virtual room, and vice versa.

History of the capacity

The capacity of the property is formed by all the rooms in it. The number of rooms (the capacity) can change over time (due to renovations, expansions, etc.). Use the fields 'Active From' and 'Active To' (optional) on the Room settings screen to define the time frame for each room. If outside this time frame, the room is not included in the hotel capacity.

A room can also be temporarily taken out of the availability. To do so, use the system-predefined 'Out of service' status or other similar ones created by you. The rooms having such a status are not available for booking, but they are included in the capacity.

The main difference between these rooms and the ones excluded from the hotel capacity is found in the forecast report and in the calculation of the %Occupancy (capacity / occupied rooms ).

Creation and use of room statuses

You can create different types of room statuses by going to 'Settings' – 'OOS Room Type' and clicking the 'Add' button. Enter a name and choose Room Calendar colour for each of them. Once set, they can be selected as predefined types or edited from the Room Calendar drop-down menu for each room or using the OOS buttons on the Room settings screen. You can also enter a description for each status.

Auto room allocation

There is a function in the booking and the booking lists that can auto allocate rooms to one or more bookings. This feature is only available during the initial booking creation and can work in two ways:

  • By default it finds the first available room in the room list. The room list is sorted alphabetically or after the custom set. This method will allocate rooms from the top of the list more than others.
  • The second option is to select rooms randomly from the available room list. Over time this will ensure balanced room wear.

To change the default room allocation method:

  • Go to room list ('Other' - 'Settings' - 'Room'),
  • Scroll down and find 'Random auto room assignment'
  • Set as 'Enabled' for random method or 'Disabled' for the other method.

Note: When used, this feature will auto allocate a room that is available for the whole period of stay.

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