PayPal Setup

To accept payments you need a PayPal Business or Premium Account.

If you have a Personal account, you can upgrade it :

  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Click the Profile icon next to 'Log out'.
  • Click Upgrade to a business account.
  • Enter your business information and click Continue.

Find more info on the PayPal support site.

How to obtain API credentials?

The PayPal setup in Clock PMS requires the 'Signature set' (API Username, API Password, Signature) from your PayPal account.

'How to ...' for two different PayPal user interfaces :

New User Interface

Select 'Tools'

Select 'API Access'

Select 'Setup APIs'

Old User Interface

Select 'Profile'

Select 'My selling tools' - 'API access' - 'Update'

New/Old User interface

Select 'Request API credentials'

Select 'Request API signature', then 'Agree and Submit'

You'll need : API Username, API Password, Signature

Setting up PayPal in Clock

  • Select 'Other' - 'Settings' from navigation.
  • Select ' PayPal (Express Checkout)'
  • In the 'Login' field, enter 'API Username'
  • In the 'Password' field, enter 'API Password'
  • In the 'Signature' field, enter 'Signature'
  • Select the currency for PayPal transactions. If the currency of a payment amount is different, the amount will be converted to this currency.
  • Choose whether to allow guest checkout
  • Save
Allow guest checkout checkbox

Choose whether a client to be redirected either to a page with their username and password displayed by default, or to a page where their details and the ones of their credit card are prompted.

Removing PayPal credentials

  • Select 'Other' - 'Settings' from navigation.
  • Select 'Remove' next to 'PayPal (Express Checkout)'

Web Reservation System and PayPal

To enable PayPal in your Web Reservation System select 'Pay pal express' in the guarantee options used in your WRS.

More info: Guarantee policies

Self Service Portal and PayPal

To enable PayPal payments on your Self Service Portal :

  • Select 'Other' - 'Settings' from navigation.
  • Select 'Self service settings'
  • Select 'Yes' for the 'Self checkout / On-line payment' option
  • Save

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