WorldPay Redirect/Select Junior setup

1. Log in to the Merchant Interface.

WorldPay Login

2. Select Installations from the left hand navigation.

WorldPay Login

3. Choose the Integration Setup button for 'Select Junior' installation / PRODUCTION environment.

WorldPay Login
Note: Save the number next to (Select Junior) for later. You'll need to paste it the Clock's Installation* field ((Other - Settings – WorldPay (Redirect)) when you are ready with WorldPay Setup.

4. Make settings

  • Copy this text:
    <wpdisplay item=MC_callback>
    and paste it into 'Payment Response URL' input field.
  • Check the 'Payment Response enabled?' checkbox.
  • Check the 'Enable the Shopper Response' checkbox.
  • Select 'Save Changes'
WorldPay Login


WorldPay Login

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