WRS: Map of Locations

The WRS of Clock PMS enables your guests to see all of your free units/apartments on a single interactive map. It provides information on each unit (an image and description), as well as its price (minimum price).


In order to have the locations of your units shown on a single interactive map in your WRS, you have to create maps of these locations first. For more info on how to create location maps, see Location Map.

Then depending on whether you use the WRS in the Room Type Mode or in the Room Mode, set the location for any room type or room. See how in: Location Map

Having created the location maps and assigned them to the respective units or unit types, now you can create the interactive map of all the locations by adding one more map to comprise their markers:

  • Go to 'Other' – 'Settings' – 'Locations'
  • Click the New button
  • Enter the map's name in the Name field (e.g. 'Main Map')
  • Choose the proper centre and zoom for the map, so that it can comprise the locations of all your units
  • Do not add a marker, and if added, you can remove this marker through the 'Remove the Map Marker' button
  • Click 'Save'
  • Now go to 'Web' – 'Settings – 'Web Reservation System'
  • In the Location Map field on the Settings Screen of the WRS, choose the newly created map
  • Click 'Save'

Now that you have set up the map of the locations of your units, it can also show information on each of your units (an image and description) in different languages. Here is how you can set them up:


  • Go to 'Web' – 'Settings' – 'Web Reservation System'
  • In the Images section, use the Add Image buttons to set the images of the unit types to be shown on the interactive map
  • Click the Go to Room Images link to access the Room Images Screen and set the images of your units likewise
  • Click 'Save'

Short Descriptions

  • Go to 'Other' – 'Settings' – 'Languages and Texts'
  • On the Language Screen, go to the default language section and click Location/Translation link
  • In the lines of your units or unit types on the Location/Translation screen, fill in the name and short description fields with the text you would like to appear on the WRS's interactive map in relation to these units or unit types
    • The Name and Short Description will visible for any location on the interactive map.
  • Click 'Save'
  • Repeat the above steps for the other languages, in which you would like the descriptions to be shown
Tip: Use the Long Description field on the Location/Translation screen to enter a text, which will then appear on booking confirmations and can be used for giving directions.

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