Hotel excellence.
From booking to check-out.

€11.00 $13.20 £9.90 per room per month

Starting at €250 $300 £225 per month

With 10% discount for annual billing applied

Volume discounts may apply for more than 50 rooms

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Operational excellence around the clock

  • Boost online visibility and revenue
  • Manage all bookings in one place
  • Bundle rooms and extra services
  • Simplify front-desk operations
  • Next-level housekeeping

Guest journey

Create winning guest experiences

  • Get more direct bookings
  • Service guests with automated emails
  • Decrease abandonment with timely promotions
  • Speed up guest service with self-service kiosks
  • Give guests a personal portal to manage their stay
Transaction fees apply


Get paid faster by happier guests

  • Get more confirmed bookings
  • Simplify credit card reconciliation
  • Capture and keep payment methods throughout the guest journey
  • Increase sales conversions with a wide variety of payment methods
  • Protect your hotel against fraud and chargebacks with secure validation

What's included?


Operational excellence around the clock

Occupancy Forecast Tools
Booking Inquiries
Convert Inquiries to Bookings
Bulk Actions with Bookings
Automated Cancellation Handling
Comprehensive Guest Profiles
Custom Fields for Guest Profiles
Notes and Labels for Guest Profiles
Room Blocks for Large Groups
Block statuses and release dates control
Conversion of Blocks into Bookings (pick-up)
Individual Bookings Management
Group Bookings Management
Corporate Customer Bookings Management
OTA (Online Travel Agency) Bookings Management
Non-room bookings support
Room Sharing

Individual or Group Invoicing
Advance Payment and Deposit Handling
Effortless transfer of charges and payments between folios
Split bills at ease
Discount and Surcharge support
Correction (Credit/Debit) Documents
Custom Document Numbering
Custom Document Types Creation
Customisable Document Templates

Company Profiles Management
Custom Fields for Company Profiles
Notes and Labels for Company Profiles
Company Credit Limit
Automatic Charge Routing Options
Contracted Corporate Rates
Company Code for Booking Engine Integration
Comprehensive Tour Operator Contracting

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Room Calendar
Guest Registration Cards
Easy Posting of Extra Services
To-Do Tasks and Messaging
Ad-hoc Meal Additions
One click rate repost
Seamless Passport Details Recording with ID Processor $£
Auto-room allocation
Instant price and availability check for enquiries
Bulk Actions with Bookings
Record important information in a number of note fields
Secure credit card tokenization
Pre-authorisation, capture and release of amounts in 2 clicks
Straighforward mid-stay room moves
Key-card encoding
Sending emails at an instant

Comprehensive User Rights
Secure Login Password Policies
Multi-factor Authentication
IP address white/black listing
User Action Logs
Secured data with regular backups on AWS cloud servers

Per Room Pricing
Pricing based on number of guests
Price Change Based on Child Age
Dynamic Pricing Based on Hotel Occupancy
Base Rates Configuration
Derived Rates Calculation (Percentage/Fixed amount)
Seasonal Pricing Support
Daily Pricing Setup
Weekend Pricing Options
Multi-level Rate Restrictions
Support for all idustry standard restrictions and a plethora of others
Integration with Leading Channel Managers and CRS (Central Reservation Systems)
Direct Connection to GDS (Global Distribution Systems) like SynXis
Promo/Company/Block Codes Management
Rate Packages Creation
Rate Tagging
Upsell Indexes for Guest Upgrades
Control Through Hurdle Rates

Booking Functionalities for Non-Room Related Activities
Combination of Various Services in a Single Bill

Mobile Housekeeping Management
Housekeeper Access
Real-Time Room Status Updates
Automatic Task Distribution
Differentiated task lists based on room type
Tasks generated by posting of specific extra services
On-Demand Housekeeping Tasks
Housekeeping Tasks Related to Out-of-Service Rooms
Non-Stay Related Task Management
Workload and Housekeeper Forecasting
Email Notifications for Cleaned Rooms

Guest journey

Create winning guest experiences

Mobile-Friendly Booking Engine
Selling of Extra Services During Booking
Guest Log-In Capabilities
Convenient Shopping Cart
Image Library for Room Types and Extra Services
Support for Google Analytics Tracking
Integration with Other Tracking Scripts
Availability Calendars Display
Rate Badges/Labels and Original Price Strikethrough
Multi-Room Booking Support
Customisable Guest Details Requirements
Integration with Various Payment Services
Support for Different Description Formats
Easy Integration on Your Website
Deep Links Integration
Centralised Booking Engine for Hotel Groups
Automatic Confirmation Email Generation
Customisation of Booking Engine Theme and Branding

Manual and Rule-Based Email Creation
Pre/Post Arrival and Departure Rules Configuration
Extensive Filters for Automated Email Sending
Automatic Cancellation Email Support
Custom Confirmation Email Creation
Multi-Room Booking Confirmation Email
Unlimited Number of Email Templates
Visual Builder for Stunning Template Creation

Mobile-Friendly Guest Portal Access
Booking Guarantee through the Portal
Registration Cards Management
Automatic Upgrade Offers
Booking Modification Requests Handling
Booking of Extra Services
Guest Feedback Submission
Guest Bill Payment Capability
Request for Company Invoice
Support for External Links
Self Check-Out Support

Mobile-Friendly Check-In Portal
Pre-Arrival Guest Details Collection
Streamlined Registration Card Completion with ID Processor
Guest Signature and Agreement Collection with Hotel T&C's
Guest Credit/Debit Card Details Request
Check-In App Theme and Branding Customisation

Streamlined Check-Ins with Kiosks
Floor Standing, Wall Mounted, Countertop Kiosks Options
Embedded Key-Card Encoder
Use Your Own Hardware Option
Comprehensive Guest Details Collection for Check-In
Online or Payment Terminal Payment Collection on Check-In
Offer of Upgrades at Check-In
Guest Check-Out Capability


Get paid faster by happier guests

Protection Against Chargebacks and Fraud with 3D Secure and Card Validation
Online Payment Collection
Pre-Authorisation, Capture, and Release of Amounts
One-Click Refunds
Support for Various Payment Methods
On-Site Payment Collection with Payment Terminal
Full PCI Compliance
Powered by Partnership with Adyen
Omni-Channel Transaction Support
Payment Automation

Same as Enablement, but with one of our other supported payment processors and your direct contract with them.

Connect your payment provider to Clock PMS+ to continue your relationship with them while making use of all payment features


Restaurant POS

Simplify bar and restaurant operations

Work on any device with internet and browser
Floor Plans Management
Menu Items and Modifiers Configuration
Menu Groups and Order Groups Organisation
Support for Kitchen Printers

Card Payments with Supported Payment Terminals
Seamless room transfer
Split Bills Capability
Bar Mode
Promotion Support
Tip Support
Cover Count Tracking

Event management

Host winning events and meetings

Create and manage your event spaces
Event space calendar
Add descriptions and images
Single day or multi-day bookings
Quickly post rent charges
Function sheets

Catering Activities Management
Descriptions and Images for Catering Activities
Location Indication for Activities
Mise-en-Place Information Addition
Quick Menu Charges Posting

Block Management for Event Room Reservations
Attachment of Rates/Prices to Blocks
Control of Block Impact on Availability
Block Code Attachment to Blocks
Creation of Bookings using Block Codes
Seamless Conversion of Blocks to Bookings
Block Pick-Up Report
Block Expiry Date and Release Period Control

Single invoicing for all services
Built-in offer templates
Customise offer templates
Event Function Sheets
Tokenize CC details for the event
Create event 'templates' to copy from

Private Analytics

Discover insights to maximize business efficiency and profits

Booking data
Blocks data
Revenue data

Daily synchronisation
Graphs, charts. Dashboards
3 plans to choose from

Connect any extras you want

Connect the world’s greatest hospitality solutions with seamless integration with Clock. Use the open API to build custom applications and automate workflows. Succeed with unlimited connections to certified public and private apps.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Clock PMS+ combines operations, guest experience, and payments into one system, boosting your revenue and efficiency while enhancing guest satisfaction. Benefit from automation, real-time collaboration, and revenue optimisation tools - all cloud-based.

With Clock PMS+, you can get started within 2-3 weeks. We simplify the transition with a dedicated project manager, comprehensive training, and continual support.

Our pricing is net of any VAT, GST, or other local taxes, which, if applicable, should be covered by the customer. We primarily service entities in the EU and UK, provided they possess a valid VAT number.

Fees are automated and charged on the first day of the due month. For this, we require a direct debit or credit card on file.

We store data in AWS Ireland and Frankfurt centres, with a 99.99% uptime, above industry standards. Downtime? You'll get a refund. Check uptime stats and service terms anytime.

Your data's safety is paramount, backed by multi-layered architecture, regular backups, and rigorous security measures. We only share your data with your consent and comply with GDPR and PCI DSS Level 1 standards.

Clock PMS+ works on any device with an internet connection. No installation needed. Manage your hotel on the go with real-time updates from anywhere.

Absolutely. Clock PMS+ offers customizable user access and unlimited user numbers. Enhance security with options like Multi-Factor Authentication and network safelisting.

Yes. Our multi-property mode streamlines management and reporting across all your properties.

No. Clock PMS+ is suitable for all, from boutique hotels to 500-room resorts. Our system can manage limitless rooms, tested and proven in 50+ property groups.

Ready to run your hotel like clockwork?

You have tried the old way. One step in the right direction may be all it takes to boost your success. Take a moment to discover how Clock PMS+ helps you empower staff, delight guests, and stay competitive. Book your tour. We’ll be on the other side to help you win.

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