Hotel trends for 2019

Technological advancement is part of the future of any hotel that wishes to excel and grow. With an increasing guest demand for a more mobile friendly and self-sufficient guest experience hoteliers everywhere have been quickly jumping on the train in hopes of securing newer and better revenue streams for their respective establishments.

The convenience of both hotel staff and guests is the driving force behind these changes which is why it is important to focus on acquiring the technology that would best aid everyone involved.

Here is a list of the technological trends that have been gaining momentum in 2018 which are a guaranteed necessity for the year ahead:

Tech Trend 1: Mobile Rocks

The internet has gone increasingly mobile in the last decade, and with it, consumer dependency has switched from traditional computers to mobile devices. According to a recent Google Consumer Insights survey, over 70% of people use their phones while travelling, while at the same time spontaneous bookings have nearly doubled over the last few years.

Mobile ads and solutions are now a valuable investment for the future of any hotel. Online travel agencies already offer mobile alternatives to their customers, but the revenue from such streams is reduced from the accompanying fees. By investing in a mobile responsive hotel booking engine, you can cash in on direct bookings and open up new channels of communications with your guests.

Tech Trend 2: Artificial Intelligence is all the Rage

Voice recognition AI devices have been popping up in homes and offices all around the world while AI chatbots have become the new face of customer service. Most guests are already experienced in the use of AI in some form or another which is probably why they choose to invest so much of their trust in the technology.

According to a Hubspot’s survey from 2017 people are increasingly relying on AI chatbots for everyday transactions and while they don’t’ exactly find the solutions as the most personable form of communication, they definitely value the round the clock feature as well as the lack of miscommunication and confusion involved in the process of using a chatbot.

Companies such as Amazon have taken note of the need for AI devices in hospitality and have developed a special version of Alexa for hotels which have Echo speakers in their rooms. Guests can now interact with the device to adjust room temperature or send an order to room service along with a host of other options.

Tech Trend 3: Guests Prefer the Convenience of Self-Service Kiosks

Self-service technology has freed both guests and staff members of a formal and tedious aspect of their interaction: the check-in and check-out process. Your hotel kiosk can offer your guests an easy and intuitive alternative to registering, checking in and paying for their stay, all without the need of assistance.

Most travellers are already heavily involved with technology in a variety of ways and solutions like the self-service kiosks have quickly become a major selling point for hotels.

Tech Trend 4: Social Media is Your New Hotel Marketing Playground

Influencers have changed the marketing game for everyone. Paying for sponsored content and offering free stays at your establishment in exchange for a YouTube video or an Instagram post featuring your hotel has taken over as the new norm of advertisement.

Content creators are more than happy to make their services available for such a collaboration, which gives you ample selection to choose from. The rampant use of social media as a marketing platform of both personal and professional content means that you can find an influencer for any type of guests you wish to attract, regardless of age, gender, or pay grade.

You can even filter the content you wish to show-off by offering influencers a selection of your best services which they can rave about in their next Instagram post.

Tech Trend 5: OTAs Matter Now More Than Ever

These days anyone can go into hospitality, all you need is an apartment you can list on Airbnb and you’re all set. This influx of niche hospitality has created a distortion of the visibility of traditional hotels. It seems like the pond you used to swim in is now an ocean.

Which is why maintaining profiles across a host of online distribution channels are the main way for your brand to keep its head above water. But managing all these channels simultaneously, and with new platforms coming out every year, it’s a strenuous task and it takes up more of your staff’s time that is necessary.

There is hotel software solution such as the integrated channel manager that can alleviate the process by offering your staff a single platform from which to manage all distribution channels, with the option of automatic updates of room rates and instant relisting of late cancellations.

Tech Trend 6: In-House Software Updates Can Make a Difference

Running your business on outdated software is essentially the equivalent of having an important staff member not communicate well with the rest of your team. A way of resolving this is to use integrated hotel solutions for your business’ day-to-day operations.

Integrated technology for hotels carries the benefit of allowing your solutions to share information in order to improve your services. Your property management system should ideally contain all of your needed solutions, covering everything from distribution to on-site services. This would allow you to make use of the full potential of your establishment, creating an overall better hotel experience that guests can remember fondly.

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Tech Trend 7: Guests are Looking for Sustainable Hospitality

With increasing concerns over the environmental threat posing our society, guests have taken a more sensible approach to which businesses they support based off purely on their environmental footprint. While no one would outright berate your establishment for not going green, there is a growing movement of young and fairly affluent travelers who will be more willing to take their business to a hotel which conducts its business in a more environmentally friendly way such as using energy-saving technology or cutting down on plastic and paper disposables.

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