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Events and Webinars

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Exp'Hotel, Bordeaux

Exp'Hotel offers innovative solutions for hotels and restaurants to enhance sustainability, meet customer expectations, and boost profits.

Past Webinars

August-update (1) 13th August 2020 10am ET/ 7am PT

Feature updates August

Making the most out of the new features introduced in Clock PMS+ with the latest updates.

Feature updates July 15th July 2020 10am ET/ 7am PT

Feature updates July

Updated and improved online check-in, improvements in working with companies and agents, guest preferences and more.

Maximising hospitality at a safe distance 7 July 2020 11am ET/ 8am PT

Maximising hospitality at a safe distance

How to build even better relationships while needing to increase guest and staff safety, by deploying online guest services.

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