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Pioneering hospitality solutions with purpose

Who we are

Trailblazing the future of hospitality with cutting-edge solutions

Born in 1996, Clock set out to reshape the hospitality landscape. Today, using our cloud-based software, we've streamlined hotel operations, supercharged productivity, and boosted profits and guest delight for over 25 years.

Roots and journey

In 1996, Clock emerged from university students' determination to enhance software utility. Sensing the potential of the bustling hospitality industry, we shifted our focus, igniting a lifelong passion.

We introduced Clock PMS+ in 2014, a cloud-based, user-friendly product that simplified hotel operations and offered timely data for informed decision-making. Our system soon became an essential tool locally, establishing us as a trusted partner in property management and a steadfast ally to hoteliers worldwide.

For over a quarter of a century, we’ve thrived on crafting exceptional solutions for hotel owners. Our growth, fueled by adaptability and industry insight, set the foundation for consistent development. As reliable partners to hoteliers worldwide, we’re dedicated to understanding and meeting their unique needs. This philosophy extends to our team—resilient individuals who transform challenges into opportunities.

Looking ahead, we see a future filled with opportunity and challenge. Backed by our dedicated team and our commitment to growth, we're ready to seize opportunities that enhance your business. Our goal is more than just meeting today's needs - we're dedicated to shaping the future of hospitality for your benefit.

Adapting and evolving in the dynamic hospitality realm is our bread and butter. Our journey took us beyond room management toward the heart of hospitality: guest engagement. We recognised digital transformation as a compass guiding us towards integrated, seamless guest experiences. Our team excels at addressing current challenges leading hoteliers face, while proactively identifying and mitigating future obstacles. This dual-focused, forward-thinking approach fortifies our determination to meet and surpass the expectations of our industry and clients.

We're energised by challenges and inspired to create solutions with a global impact. Our commitment to excellence isn't just part of our operations—it's who we are. It shows in our ability to navigate adversity and stay true to our principles. Our customers appreciate this authenticity and our unwavering dedication to delivering tailor-made solutions and constant improvements. Our drive goes beyond profits, as we're motivated to leave a lasting imprint on the hospitality industry.

We believe in synergy and unity, embodied in our modular solution approach. Our suite of offerings is built around three foundational pillars - operations, guest journey, and payments. The operations module simplifies daily property management. Our guest journey module enriches the guest experience, from initial booking to post-stay engagement. Lastly, our payments module provides a secure, dependable transaction processing pathway.

Our products stand as reliability and efficiency pillars, enabling our clients to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Our ambition to build tailored solutions for our diverse clientele is what drives us. We focus on designing interfaces that are as intuitive as they are versatile. Our agile approach allows us to swiftly launch and continuously refine our products, maintaining a leading-edge position in the industry. Our dedicated team, the pulse of Clock PMS+, thrives on open dialogue and teamwork. This commitment to collaborative innovation propels us to navigate and overcome future challenges in the evolving hospitality sector.

For over 25 years, Clock has been a devoted ally to hoteliers, facilitating the seamless integration of technology into daily operations. Established in 1996, our focus has always been on refining and streamlining tech processes, earning us a leadership position in Southeastern Europe's hotel software market and, later, the world.

2014 marked the birth of our cloud-based management system, Clock PMS+. As our reputation grew, so did our global footprint. Now, spanning over 65+ countries, Clock PMS+ operates as a trusted partner to hoteliers worldwide, with a solution designed to remove complexities and empower you with more time to focus on the core of hospitality: your guests. Our persistent pursuit of improvement positions us as a trusted partner in the hotel industry, ready to journey alongside you toward a more efficient and guest-centric future.

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What our customers say about us and the PMS+

Harpert van Seggelen, General Manager at Chateau Bethlehem (2)-1
Aurélie Duriau, Sales & Marketing Coördinator at Domein Polderwind
Steff de Groot, General Manager at WICC-1
Skander Gasmi, Director of Digital Transformation, Happy Culture
Ruggero Carpino, Customer Service Manager at Hotel Roma (3)-1
Harpert van Seggelen, General Manager at Chateau Bethlehem (2)-2
Marco Coppola, Chief Navigator Officer at The Yellow-2
Marjo Tenhunen, Business Director, GreenStar Hotels

Awards & Accolades

Leaders in innovation

HotelTechAwards - Top rated since 2018


Best Property Management System – HotelTechAwards

FrontRunners - Software advice

Software Advice

Leader in the Gartner's FrontRunners Quadrant

Capterra - Best ease of use


Capterra's Best Ease of Use Award

Capterra - Best value


Capterra's Best Value Award

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Five Star User Reviews on Capterra

PCI DSS Certified


PCI DSS Certified - The Highest Level of Payment Security

We are a team of highly driven individuals with a vision

We are a team of highly driven individuals with a vision


Krasimir Trapchev

Krasimir Trapchev

Chief Executive Officer

Rosen Kostov

Rosen Kostov

Head of R&D

Diana Trapcheva

Diana Trapcheva

Chief Financial Officer

George Georgiev

George Georgiev

Chief Technology Officer

Steve Bliekendaal

Steve Bliekendaal

Commercial Director

Albena Misheva

Albena Misheva

Customer Service Director

Nikolay Lazarov

Nikolay Lazarov

Integration Manager

Veselin Yordanov

Veselin Yordanov

Sales Coordinator


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