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The AppConnector: Your One-Click Shop for Hotel Tech Integrations

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You want to stay competitive, delight guests, and empower your staff. That’s why Clock is launching its latest offering to help your hotel or group stay on top of the latest technology — complete with seamless integration to Clock PMS+.


The AppConnector is your one-stop marketplace with hundreds of apps ready to use with Clock. No more lengthy, cumbersome integration processes or communication with third-party support: a single click sends your activation request to your chosen application. Creating your perfect tech stack has never been easier.

Why the AppConnector?

Integrate new apps in a click

The marketplace features a vast library of business tools for hotels like yours. Categories include Revenue Management, CRM systems, Channel Managers, business intelligence, and much more. A single click on your desired app initiates the integration process with Clock.

Please be aware that you must agree on all pricing, usage, and sign-up details for each respective app with the app vendor beforehand.

For those whose current agreement does not include unlimited integrations, we will provide further information regarding any potential updates to service fees shortly after activation.

See details behind every integration

See the fine print behind every integration. Every app in the marketplace is completely transparent. You’ll see permissions, how it will use your data, and how it affects your existing Clock subscription — with complete activation and deactivation history.

Stay ahead in every business area

This simple one-click integration process empowers hotels to adopt new tools faster than ever before. Whether you want to explore new ways to engage with guests or next-level your operations, the AppConnector is guaranteed to have a solution that can help your hotel.


For your hospitality success

The AppConnector is a game-changer for your ability to stay ahead. With hundreds of integrations a click away, you’re ready to pivot and adapt instantly to any needs that may arise. From boosting revenue to driving loyalty, you deserve to use any tools to help reach your goals.

With the benefit of smoother operations, you can focus on creating exceptional guest experiences, knowing your tech just works. And your staff can focus on what they do best — making guests feel welcomed and valued.

The AppConnector is live now with hundreds of integrations to choose from. Find your favourite on our Integrations page, and please let us know if you have any questions.

How to access the AppConnector

For detailed instructions on how to access the AppConnector and manage the activation and deactivation of integrations, please refer to our support article titled "Using the AppConnector." This resource will provide comprehensive guidance on navigating and utilizing the AppConnector effectively.

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