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In the hospitality industry, knowing your guests is a key factor in adding a personal touch to their experience. Digital technologies can make it a lot easier to build that and maintain effective relationships with your guests. Returning clients remain a business's best and steadiest source of revenue.

Customise Your Communication with Pre-Arrival Emails

The life of modern travellers is unthinkable without technologies. And getting in touch with your guests long before their arrival is the new normal. You can give a nice start to your two-way guest engagement by setting up the guest mailer of your property management system to send automatically generated short booking confirmation emails. You can even customise them to personally address the guests by their names and contain the essential info about their bookings with your hotel.

A few weeks prior to their arrival , another automated pre-arrival email can be sent with clear tips how to find the hotel or skip the tiresome check-in queues. You can also use this email to let them customise their stay, or even upgrade it by including more valuable info about your property and links to:

  • Reserve extra services at the hotel or in the area;
  • Select and upgrade their room;
  • Places of interest, accompanied by info about the local attractions.

This can be your way of making your guests feel welcomed and appreciated, while seamlessly taking the chance to up-sell and improve your bottom line.

Self-Service App and Kiosk: Let Your Guests Have Their Say

A guest self-service portal is an excellent opportunity to add a new dimension to your hotel service. There are many guests who find it very nice if there is a rich array of self-service options available before and during their stay. Give your guests the ultimate satisfaction of being in total control. What a better way to do it in the digital era than a self-service app. Just using the smartphones they can:

  • Book extra services;
  • Effect payments;
  • Extend their stay;
  • Even change their rooms.

And all that – entirely on their own. Here you can add a nice alternative for even greater convenience – self-service kiosk with various handy features. It is the modern digital assistant to reception desk allowing you to effortlessly complete and digitally sign your registration card, check in, have your room key card issued.

During the stay, the kiosk can be the place where you can get valuable info about the weather, local events, and various tempting offers. Have we mentioned that the kiosk can be your best friend up to the very end of the stay letting you quickly pay any outstanding amounts and check out in a click?

Post-Departure Emails: Capitalizing on the Guest Experience

Your engagement with guests should not end with their departure from your hotel. Instead, you can continue building on their loyalty even afterwards. Simply use automated post-departure emails to not only show your appreciation but also to send them a link to book directly using promotional rates next time. These automatically generated, but still, personalised emails can be used to encourage guest feedback on various social media platforms.

An Award-Winning Experience

To make sure your guest are pampered from beginning to end, you'll need to pay more attention to detail. The cleanliness of rooms, common areas, bathrooms and towels play an important role in guest satisfaction. In fact, 59% of the surveyed respondents from the hospitality industry noted as number one cause for dissatisfaction or complaints the absence of clean premises or any disinfection.

Provide the services that your travellers need and offer a comfortable atmosphere where your guests can relax and enjoy. HotelNewsNow has identified that current travellers, especially the millennials, more and more prefer to spend their time in the communal areas of the hotel. This new trend can easily transform into a revenue-generating outlet.

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