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"Data, accounting and support services with a difference."

The interface enables the combining of multiple data sources into a single environment, so that customers can take identify opportunities to increase revenue and drive down the cost base through efficiencies.



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Brookson Enterprise takes accounting, MI, payroll and timesheet management off customers' hands, combining the best technology with remarkable service. Bridging data, MI and tech with exceptional services, the company experts have have guided thousands of businesses to growth over the past two decades, by creating efficiencies and offering tools and expertise to help clients focus on the bigger picture while reducing the usual risk and hassle involved.

Our most important features:

Our cutting-edge technology allows customers to unify all of their data sources for faster, automated reporting with zero implementation costs.


Brookson Enterprise provides tailored services, seamless integration and expert advice, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best. Specialising in the Recruitment and hospitality sectors, Brookson Enterprise has developed a leading package which combines everything a business needs from timesheet portal, payroll service, funding and financial advice, we have you covered.

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For activation and any issues with this integration:

Directly contact Brookson Enterprise. They will seek our assistance, if necessary.

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