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Integration with Katanox

Ever wished you could contract and travel sellers as you need? Ever thought of creating a package and putting it out there for the world to buy with full transparency, knowing exactly who sells you, when and how, never worrying about parity again? Katanox gets you all of this and more, with technology that makes it easier to increase your revenue without increasing your workload, and additional costs for distribution while protecting your strategy.

Katanox connects accommodation providers with room sellers and is preparing for the future of the industry: voice assistants, messaging apps, travel publishers, social media that sell your rooms. Get started in 30 minutes.

  • You only pay commission to the travel seller;
  • No extra distribution costs to be active trading in the Katanox marketplace;
  • Katanox is already in 22 countries;
  • 33% increase of margin per reservation compared to other reservation channels;
  • New generation room sellers: social media, voice assistants, messaging apps;
  • Worldwide reach for sales offers and marketing, we translate for you;
  • More automation for higher revenue

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How it works

The integration between Clock PMS+ and Katanox enables a direct partnership between your hotel and travel sellers:

  • Onboard to our platform in 30 minutes
  • Make your rooms and rates available for any room seller with one click.
  • This information comes straight from your PMS - your control, always up to date.
  • Choose which rates and rooms you want available for each seller.
  • Any travel seller will have immediate access to the content of your property.
  • You will be able to offer special packages and deals to all sellers or just to selected ones.
  • Sit back and enjoy the beauty of technology for hotels, with reservations and guests flowing to your hotel effortlessly.

Most important features

Connect to new generation room sellers directly

Offers packages and deals when it suits you to groups of sellers or individuals

Content and payment completely facilitated


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