+ Payment Processing Autopilot

Payments made easy, secure, error-proof

Clock PMS+ uses three ways of processing payments -

*a secure CC vault, *integrated payment processing, *hosted payment pages -

each offering different degrees of convenience, all equally secure.

Secure CC vault

Secure CC vault (tokenization)

The secure CC vault is a special feature of Clock PMS+ which validates the credit card details guests enter when they book online or when they pay through the hotel app and stores them on a top security Clock server. No unauthorized users can access the data, which is deleted automatically at the end of the booking lifecycle.


Integrated payment processing


Credit card details are stored securely by online payment provider


Making a test payment to check credit card validity


Blocking amounts on credit cards

Take payment

Collecting payments directly to the booking or company folio

Release and refund

Release amounts blocked for damages or refund payments

CC POS terminals

Payment amount transferred automatically from Clock PMS+ to the POS terminal

Online banking transfers

Lower transaction fees for online payment services

One-click payments from tokenized cards

As many payments as needed

Automatic guarantee pre-authorization*

Block amounts for possible damage charges before arrival

Tokenize - Pre-authorize - Take payment: hassle-, error-, trouble-free

Greater security, fewer failed payments, lower risk

  • Tokenization.

    Credit card details are stored on a secure payment provider server.

  • Credit card validity check.

    A test payment verifies the validity of the credit card.

  • Lower exposure to staff and external fraud risk.

    No person has access to the actual credit card details. All transactions use the token and it is only valid for the respective booking.

  • Lower PCI requirements.

  • Since the hotel does not actually operate with credit card data, it needs to conform to lower PCI DSS requirements, saving considerable cost and trouble.

More payment options, more convenient for customers to pay

  • All major credit card brands

  • Online banking and bank cards

  • SEPA Direct debit* for company and regular guest accounts

    • Get a direct debit mandate from your corporate customers and partners

    • Send outstanding amounts for collection at the invoice payment term

    • Collect the payment and close the account receivable

  • *Planned feature

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Master card logo
American express logo
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Apple pay logo
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Payment terminal integration: no duplicate charging, under-charging, or misplaced payments

  • Send the amount to be paid to the terminal directly from the folio.

  • The payment is added to the folio automatically.

  • Routine errors and duplicate billing are minimised.

Automated handling of deposits and advance payments*

  • Set rules to collect pre-authorised guarantees

  • Clock PMS+ will automatically block the guarantee amount and register it in the folio

  • Collect or release guarantee deposits partially or in full with just one click

*Planned feature


Hosted payment page integration

For a complete list of choices and liberation from PCI DSS requirements, Clock PMS+ integrates payment pages like PayPal and WorldPay. Available for bookings through your hotel website and for payments through the self service app, it allows clients to pay online and frees you from many PCI DSS obligations.

Clock PMS+ integrated payments - PayPal, WorldPay and etc.

Payment processing at a glance

  Secure CC vault Integrated payment processing Hosted payment page integration
Integrations Adyen Authorize.net PayPal, WorldPay, Adyen hosted page
PCI DSS scope Higher Lower Lower Lower
Take payment
Release & refund
CC POS terminals
Online banking Adyen only
One-click payments from tokenized cards
Automatic guarantee pre-authorization
Available in PMS, WRS, Channel manager, Hotel app PMS, WRS, Hotel app, kiosk WRS, Hotel app
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