Event management

Host winning events and meetings

Host and manage meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions with the integrated MICE platform that flawlessly connects all experiences in your hotel.

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Event management: Host winning events and meetings

Connected with Clock

With MICE powered by award-winning Clock PMS+, you can deliver world-class event experiences, manage overnight stays, get paid, and everything in between.

Manage meetings and events

Delight your guests at all your events

Show guests your best

Present your meeting rooms, irresistible catering menus, and accommodation options beautifully with ready-made templates and the freedom to make them yours.

Offer meeting rooms instantly

Book and manage the availability of all your meeting rooms instantly, with tools to add activities and services and one place to find all the information you need.

Give instructions to staff

Get your staff ready for event day with ready-to-print function sheets that give everyone detailed instructions and information about what they need to do.

Ensure room availability

Stop overbooking with room blocks that link to and ensure availability for your events that you package with overnight accommodation.

Simplify your finances

Store all invoices in event folios on company profiles for quick and easy financial event management, including detailed reports about pending payments.

Manage meetings and events: Delight your guests at all your events

Event operations and extras

Sell events like clockwork

Bundle your event experiences

Create multiple enticing, trackable offers for your event with meeting room, catering, and room block details, including descriptions and tips for incredible event experiences.

Track bookings and guarantees

Give your guests online links to view your event programmes, see offer amounts with your current rates, guarantee bookings, and sign offers with payments reflected in its folio.

Create unlimited folios

Open unlimited folios for each event to directly charge for the event, accommodation, and non-accommodation services to each respective folio.

Simplify event catering

Make food planning and catering activities easier with the number of people attending the event, notes for staff, menu descriptions, hours and restaurant distribution, and much more.

Event operations and extras: Sell events like clockwork
Panorama Hotel & Resort

“The event functionality that's integrated into Clock PMS+ is great, and by far, the most feature-rich web-based PMS system compared to its natural competitors. We appreciate that Clock is constantly further developed, and the fact that we are always listened to when giving feedback.”

joar Joar Holm Andersen
Event Manager, Panorama Hotel & Resort, Norway

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Guest journey

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Get paid quickly and securely for all your hotel services.

Restaurant POS

Use a POS for smooth restaurant and bar operations.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Our integrated platform manages all event aspects in one place, eliminating the need for multiple systems. It streamlines the management of room blocks, meeting spaces, catering, and rentals for efficient event coordination.

Yes, our solution lets you copy events and create event packages to manage recurring or similar events easily.

Yes, our reporting tools provide a unified view of all event details and task assignments, ensuring smooth interdepartmental coordination.

Yes, our system lets you book multiple meeting rooms or unify modular rooms into a single booking for maximum flexibility.

Yes, our visual builder empowers you to create personalised BEOs that guests can sign digitally conveniently.

Yes, our Event Portal lets you collect deposits and store card details for future transactions related to the event.
Connect any extras you want

Connect any extras you want

Connect the world’s greatest hospitality solutions with seamless integration with Clock. Use the open API to build custom applications and automate workflows. Succeed with unlimited connections to certified public and private apps.

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Connect world-class event experiences

Discover a MICE experience your guests will love. Simplify everything from event management to payment and combine everything with your room and non-room offerings. Save time, get paid, and connect any extras to raise your service from great to world-class.

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