Get paid faster by happier guests

Empower guests to pay in their favourite way with tools that save time for your staff and make paying you effortless for all your customers.

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Payments: Get paid faster by happier guests

Discover smoother payments

Make the most important part of running your hotel or group effortless. With payments in award-winning Clock PMS+, deliver world-class experiences from booking to check-out.

Payment integration

Get more secure payments

Get paid online

Give your guests safe and convenient ways to pay instantly with options for booking, upsell, check-in, and check-out guarantees, including payments due.

Let guests pay their way

Increase sales conversions by offering various payment methods, including credit cards, digital wallets like Apple and Google Pay, and alternative methods like Ideal and Swish.

Validate every card

Protect your hotel against fraud and chargebacks with 3D secure, PSD2 and card validation for every transaction.

Automate terminal payments

Make the service faster on all your physical touch points with tools to eliminate errors and keep your hotel and guests safe.

Simplify credit card reconciliation

Make reconciliations simpler while assuring every amount due is the same as the amount authorised.

Secure every payment

Ensure complete PCI compliance and eliminate risks, fraud, and expensive penalties.

Payment integration: Get more secure payments


Make paying you a brilliant experience

Capture and keep payment methods

Simplify check-in, check-out, and ordering extra services using the payment method your guest used or updated throughout their journey.

Capture payment methods from all sources

Save guest payment information securely from online sources like your channel manager, CRS, or terminal and use it at every guest touchpoint for a smooth experience.

Manage payments with a click

Control every payment with one-click payments, guarantees, and refunds to ensure you get paid and can refund guests quickly and easily.

Get paid for more services

Sell and get paid for extra services and upgrades with direct credit transfers for your restaurant, spa or services outside your hotel.

Enhance your service

Automate the guest journey for guests who value a self-service experience or assist with arrival and departure with self-service functionality that empowers guests to relax and travel faster.

Tokenisation: Make paying you a brilliant experience

Payment automation

Get paid on time and save time

Get more confirmed bookings

Automate the collection of booking guarantees to confirm more bookings and get more bookings confirmed and deposits due paid on time — with tools to remarket cancelled rooms.

Collect cancellations compensations

Get automatic compensation when guests are late with their cancellations according to your cancellation policy.

Simplify OTA card bookings

Automate the billing and handling of bookings confirmed with virtual OTA cards automatically and for every booking.

Collect open folio balances

Save time with the automatic collection of open balances on folios on check-in and check-out with full or partial automation of your arrival and departure services.

Release deposits instantly

Avoid guests' frustration when keeping their funds blocked for weeks after departure with instant and automatic release of guarantee deposits after departure.

Check-in and out guests online

Improve your arrival and departure service with online check-in and check-out that removes the need to ask about payment methods and collection transactions.

Payment automation: Get paid on time and save time
Off Paris Seine

“The level of personalisation of the Clock payment automation had a direct impact on our work with guests: First, for our team: more time to focus on high-level and creative tasks. Secondly, for our guests: a better guest experience due to the fewer formalities of the usual manual operations.”

Margaux Lindé Margaux Lindé
Director of Operations (COO), Elegancia Hotels

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Run your hotel or group like clockwork.

Guest journey

Delight the guest experience from booking to check-out.

Event management

Host and manage delightful connected events.

Restaurant POS

Use a POS for smooth restaurant and bar operations.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Payment Automation ensures seamless coordination between the PMS, apps, and credit card terminals, saving time, reducing errors, and preventing revenue leakage. It modernises payment experiences, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Our Payment Automation meets PCI DSS Level 1 requirements, eliminates staff handling of plain credit card data, and adheres to industry standards like PSD2/3DS, ensuring security, reducing fraud risk, and easing customers' compliance requirements.

Our system reduces fraud and chargeback risk by tokenising and validating cards, training with specific risk rules, supporting Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), providing system logs for chargeback disputes, and securing card-present transactions.

Unless the chosen payment processor supports your terminals, you must use the recommended models to ensure compliance and transaction security.

For optimum functionality, use our Payment Enablement service. You can still benefit from the payment automation perks and keep your provider (or switch to one of the others) if they're one of our partners. Though possible, new integrations demand considerable resources. They may not cover all features, so we can't commit to integrating them for individual projects. For high-volume customers, we offer a custom payments API. If your current processor is not integrated, you can keep them but note you'll not take benefit of the payment automation.

Guests love paying hotels
with Clock

Discover a hotel payment experience your guests will love. Simplify payments from booking to departure with tools that turn guest interactions from transactional to relational. Save time, get paid, and connect any extras to raise your service from great to world-class.

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