Restaurant POS

Simplify bar and restaurant operations

Simplify restaurant and bar operations with a connected POS system you can run on any device with a screen and internet browser.

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Restaurant POS: Simplify bar and restaurant operations

Connected with Clock

World-class service is easy when your POS connects to your PMS. See guest information, transfer restaurant bills to room folios, and create insightful reports with a click.

Point of sale system

Next-level your food and beverage experience

Order and book from anywhere

Give your guest the power to browse your menu, book tables, and order food online from your restaurant, hotel lobby, or even from or to their hotel room.

Future-proof your kitchen

Say goodbye to paper tickets with Kitchen Monitor that instantly sends all orders to the kitchen with tools to monitor waiting times and call away orders.

Free your staff

Free bar and restaurant staff from shared workstations with individual devices to send orders to the kitchen, close bills, manage tips and discounts, change tables, and everything else.

Offer unlimited service

Use the POS on as many devices as you need. For example, place a tablet on each table for menu browsing and one for each waiter to send instant orders to the kitchen.

Start using instantly

Forget slow onboarding and errors. Basic computer skills are all your staff need to navigate the color-coded interface, do their job, and deliver fast and excellent service.

Point of sale system: Next-level your food and beverage experience
Choose your system

Choose your system

Already have a POS system you like? Connect your solutions with Clock. Use the open API to build custom applications and automate workflows. Set yourself up for success with unlimited connections to certified public and private apps.

Explore integrations

Explore more for hotel excellence

See why Clock PMS+ makes it easy to stay competitive, empower staff, and delight guests.


Run your hotel or group like clockwork.

Guest journey

Delight the guest experience from booking to check-out.


Get paid quickly and securely for all your hotel services.

Event management

Host and manage delightful connected events.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Our POS offers hotel-specific features like bill transfer to rooms, events, and company folios with digital signatures. Plus, guests can enjoy digital room service and restaurant bookings. With common revenue reporting with the PMS, your operations are more streamlined.

Orders from staff or guests send instantly to designated kitchen or bar displays. Staff can use modifiers and instructions for special requests.

Yes, you can draw and manage multiple restaurant layouts for flexibility and convenience in managing your venue's layout.

Yes, our integrations allow efficient stock and inventory management, helping you to optimise control and ensure smooth operations.

Yes, our dedicated tool lets you create and customise set menus to cater to guest preferences and streamline offerings.

No installation needed. Our POS operates on any internet-connected device, providing a mobile-first, seamless POS with real-time updates.

Boost your guest experience now

Your restaurant and bar's revenue potential is only as good as the systems you use. Simplify the operations from table booking to service with all the tools to connect food and beverage orders to your hotel experience.

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