+ Mobile Hotel Point-of-Sale:
 Designed for hotel restaurants & bars

Save IT Money

Practically no hardware requirements.

The online POS by Clock Software is a mobile restaurant system which needs no installation and runs on any device with a screen and a browser: PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, iPad, iPhone, anything. All it needs is an internet connection.

cross-device compatibilty and unlimited number of devices

Unlimited devices

Same flat fee.

Use the restaurant POS on as many devices as you need. Place a tablet on each table for clients to browse the eMenu, give one to every waiter so they send their orders to kitchen immediately, whatever you prefer - without change in price.

Waiter taking order on a tablet with the mobile Clock POS

Mobile POS

Faster, better service.

Clock POS frees staff from the ties of shared workstations. Orders sent to the kitchen on the spot as soon as they are taken, bills closed at the table without wasting time, waiters taking the time to be specially attentive.

Tablet displaying a charge transfer from Clock POS to Clock PMS, digitally signed by the guest

Complete integration with the hotel PMS

Transfer charges, e-signature, all.

Sharing the same database means that the restaurant uses all the information about guests and companies the hotel has so organizing and billing events is much easier. Transferring restaurant bills to rooms folios is a given which can be tracked or edited with a couple of clicks. And since all data is in the same place already, all reports can be drawn for any and all properties in the organization.

Hotel folio with digitally signed bill transfer from restaurant POS to the hotel PMS

Kitchen monitor

No tickets. Just a tablet.

How does your front of house team get your customers’ orders to the kitchen? The restaurant POS can work with a traditional kitchen printer, but to really improve operational efficiency, why not use our Kitchen Monitor? See all orders come online instantly, monitor order waiting times and call away orders with ease.

e-Menu, Digital room service,
Online table bookings

Wherever your guests are.

Full HD pictures, mouthwatering descriptions, first-page day specials. These are just a few of the things you get with the e-Menu. On a tablet or smartphone guests can browse and order from your restaurant, from your lobby or even their hotel room.
And, staying true to digital flexibility, clients can book a table online, too.

No training needed

Just regular Internet skills.

The POS is so intuitive that users need virtually no training. Its colour-coded items and menu groups, icons and pictures, large buttons and readable labels make it easy for anybody with basic computer skills to navigate and perform the operations their position requires.

Restaurant staff enjoys using mobile restaurant POS on a tablet
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