Closing Bills

Clock POS is designed for efficiency, flexibility and freedom. Closing bills is an operation that sticks to the main concept. Cash and non-cash payments separately and combined, tips, splitting bills or moving them to different tables, discounts, surcharges, invoices - everything you need is not just fully supported, but it also takes only a few clicks to do.

Accept all payments: cash, credit card, or both

Bills in Clock POS can be closed with any kind of payment: cash, credit card, or transfers. For maximum flexibility, you can even split a bill so differents parts of it are paid in different ways, e.g. cash and credit card.

Enter the exact amount received from clients and POS will calculate the change for you.

Tips, too

Restaurant guests show their appreciation with the tips they leave. How big these are is specified in a designated field in their receipt or in the settle bill screen. They also sign, on paper or digitally, so there are no misunderstandings.

Split bills

Clients who take their meal together but prefer to pay separately are catered for as well, even when they only announce this at the end of the meal. All their waiter needs to do is split the order and move each dish to the respective bill.

Issue invoices

Invoices for meals taken at the restaurant are issued in a matter of seconds. With the special Invoiceoption waiters simply enter the client billing details and print the invoice after payment.

Other things you can do

Discounts & Surcharges

Payment time is also the time when any modifications to the bill are made. In Clock POS there are no predefined discounts or surcharges. There are special functions, which let waiters define them. Their description is included in the receipt to the client.

Change tables

For various reasons guests may want or need to change tables: location, noise, friends, and so on and so forth. When it happens, their bills follow them. All it takes is a couple of clicks.

When you move a bill to another table, you can also change the waiter who handles it.
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