Tablet e-Menu

Increase sales and revenue

The e-Menus of the online restaurant system Clock POS let you interact with your clients on a whole new level, without adding to your workload. They help you give a better presentation of your menu and promote your specials and offers. They contact the kitchen directly and make service significantly faster. And they are set with minimum effort.

Entice and tempt. Tease all the senses.

Full HD pictures to showcase Chef's labour.

The full HD pictures in the tablet menu of Clock POS let you show the dishes on your menu in the best possible way. See, like, want, right? After all, who can resist the picture of a crispy crust?

Mouthwatering descriptions to tickle their imagination.

If you have a way with words, describe your fresh salads, fragrant herbs, hearty soups, spicy dips, heart-warming stews, juicy roasts, creamy sauces, or feather-light soufflés in a way that no one can resist. If you don't, find someone who does. Nothing can beat an appeal to the imagination.

First page promotions to sell more of what you want.

All your promotions, happy hours, day specials can be displayed on the first page of the e-menu so clients see and find them easily. It goes both ways – you sell more of what you want and your clients benefit from the better prices.

Let clients do it themselves.

There is nothing like the feeling of control. Being able to browse and order on their own gives that to your restaurant guests. It's like a direct communication with the Chef. Several taps on the tablet e-menu, a change of mind before sending the order to the kitchen perhaps, a final tap to confirm, and that's it. Later, when they are done, they can even check their bill on that same tablet.

Serve fast and stress-free.

No waiting to order.
It's all automated.

Think of being hungry. Think of being in a restaurant, everybody around you enjoying their meals. Think of waiting for your order to be taken. Well, with the electronic menus there is no such thing. Orders are sent directly to the kitchen, where they are automatically seen on the kitchen monitor or printed out.

No waiters rushing.
It's all about quality service.

Forget about the rush at the POS computer. With the e-menu you won't see waiters falling over each other to tap in their clients' orders first. All orders are sent directly from the tablets to the kitchen and your staff, apart from not being that numerous, mainly advise or recommend, serve and collect bill payments. With pleasure.

No misunderstandings.

And since clients do all the ordering, there is less possibility of misunderstanding or mistaken orders. Everything is duly received, prepared, and delivered. What more do you need for a happy client?

Manage quickly

Use your existing Clock POS menu: dishes and prices.

You don't need to enter all your dishes again. The e-menu uses the information from the regular menu in your cloud software Clock POS. Change the menu in the restaurant system and you've already changed your e-menu, too. On top of that, a change of prices is seen immediately in the e-menu, as well.

Smarten it up.
A few clicks and some catchy phrases.

You may need to add a little touch here and there. Add commercial names for the dishes which are only named with abbreviations, and good descriptions, too. Then upload high-quality images. It only takes a few clicks. And you are as good as ready.

First page promos changed as often as needed.

The special offers you publish on the first page of your e-menu are the first thing a client sees. Changing them every day, or at least every week, is not uncommon practice. We have made sure that doing it is as easy as possible so you don't waste any time or effort.

Any smart device for a minimal initial investment.

The e-menu comes with no initial costs apart from the devices it is going to be used on. Usually these are tablets, for their larger screens, but any smart device with a browser and internet connection will do, really. A tablet per guest or a tablet per table, it's your choice. Simply link each device to the table it is used at at the moment so you know where which order comes from. Once the bill is closed, you can link the device to another table.

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