Green Hotels Pave the Way to Improved Guest Loyalty

Sustainable hotels used to be a quirk of the hospitality trade, another gimmicky approach to appealing to environmentally-conscientious millennials. But the last decade has only proven the need for doubling down on the efforts of building a sustainable travel industry.

With deteriorating weather patterns and natural cataclysms becoming so frequent that they are treated as an almost mundane occurrence by media outlets, travellers have begun to reevaluate what resources they consume and how they consume them.

This has led to the revitalization of alternative travel as many choose to forego cheap airline offers in favour of carpooling with friends or choosing any other more ecological means of transport than air flight. So it should come as no surprise that their accommodation is also under strict scrutiny.

Why Should Hotels Go Green

The reality is that there is simply no other choice for hotels or businesses everywhere. With concerns of the global health of our deteriorating ecosystem, legislators across the world have focused their efforts on forcing the hands of businesses who refuse the call to ecological action.

The legislative effort is slowly moving from rewarding businesses which focus their efforts on supporting a sustainable industry to straight-up setting goals that need to be met by a certain time. What we used to call sustainable tourism is just tourism now.

In order for businesses not to lose their momentum, it is important to implement the necessary changes that would improve the sustainability of their hotels and allow loyal guests to remain loyal.

Hospitality providers who employ sustainability policies for their hotels find that the benefits of the overall experience they create for their guests outweigh the inconvenience of making the transition.

Tip: The Importance of Environmental Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry

How Can My Hotel Go Green

Plastic is a No Go - This should go without saying but disposable toiletries, plastic cups and utensils are increasingly unpopular amongst guests. They have been replaced by reusable alternatives which consequently cuts down on your hotel’s waste significantly.

No More Food Waste - You can help your hotel and local businesses by sourcing seasonal produce from local vendors, allowing for a more focused choice on meals. Composting is also encouraged, as it is the most natural process of recycling food waste and it helps to brand yourself as a business with zero food waste output.

Water Usage and Energy Conservation

Many hotels have found that conserving energy and water usage does not take away from the experience they provide their guests while also affecting their hotel’s bottom line positively.

Slow-flow showerheads, energy-saving light-bulbs, and key card activated room amenities are just some of the ways in which hospitality providers are choosing to improve the ecological sustainability of their hotels.

Applying alternative Cleaning Schedules This can help reduce the overall amount of chemicals used on a daily basis in a hotel. Certain hotels even gives out small rewards to guests who go a certain number of days without asking for the changing of sheets or new towels.

Guests Favour Sustainable Hotels

As the millennial generation overtook as the main travel base they brought their concerns of global warming to the hotels they frequented. For hoteliers who listened to their guests, there is more than the added feeling of a job well done, as these guests are more likely to become loyal to hotels which shares their concern for the global environment and actively looks for solutions.

Conscious social marketing has taken over as a favourite of many brands, as they understand their clients’ need to see their own values reflected in the products they purchase. Hospitality is no different in this respect. Guests are more likely to favour an hotel simply because they brand themselves as green.

If an hotel meets the requirements of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council upholding the regulations for sustainable tourism then they can apply for a green hotel certificate such as a Green key for example.

Ecotourism and the Future of Hospitality

Where some see a trend in ecotourism, others see an opportunity. Hospitality is lush with hotels looking for a new trend to improve their profit margins, what they might be failing to overlook is that ecotourism can do so much more than that.

The steps taken to go green by many hoteliers might seem trendy and unnecessary by many, but what they’re missing is that these practices are here to stay. Water conservation and effective recycling aren’t going to fall on the sidelines instead they are moving in to become the norm. And the thing about sustainability is that the sooner it is implemented the better it will impact the lives of everyone involved.

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