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How to simplify hotel rate management in one system

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Your hotel rates influence occupancy and revenue, and effective management is central to effective hotel pricing. However, managing rates can be hard as hotels expand to new markets and adopt new channels.

Let’s see how a delightfully integrated hotel solution like Clock simplifies your rate management from one control point for all your channels.


Complex rate management

Despite modern PMS integrations, many hotels still struggle with complex rate management across many distribution channels.

And despite two-way interfaces, popular even with legacy on-premise solutions, you're often required to update your PMS and your channel manager, central reservation system, meta-search platform, or third-party booking engine separately.

Dealing with multiple rates makes this problematic...

For larger hotels, this volume of manual work steals time revenue teams could better spend on rate optimisation strategies.

Hoteliers and teams of smaller hotels feel its impact, too.

Fragmented rate management can mean revenue loss and less time spent delighting guests.

Simple hotel rate management

In Clock, rate management is easy — seamless integration enables full rate management across all channels in one system.

This flexibility opens new rate strategy possibilities.

Connect one rate across all or multiple channels, or use separate rates for each channel for complete sales control — with a simple setup of per-guest pricing.

Adopting a unified rate structure across all channels streamlines operations and guarantees accurate rate implementation anywhere from your booking engine to OTAs and phone bookings.

This efficiency allows rate specialists in larger hotels to refine and execute their strategies more precisely.

It empowers smaller hotel teams to enhance guest service and satisfaction, directly influencing revenue.

Let's see how you can do it in Clock.

How to manage all hotel rates in Clock

With Clock's built-in integrations, you can set up and manage your rate structures in a few clicks.

Its capabilities include easily creating promotions for social media campaigns and setting up rates that include meals and activities or packages.

It works across all channels with built-in integrations with your channel manager, central reservation system, meta-search platform, or third-party booking engine for instant updates with zero delay.

Building and managing your rate structure in one system starts with your base and derived rates.

Base Rates

Set up your base rates for each room type. All your hotel's rates will derive from these foundational room-only rates. Create and map them to your room types.


Derived Rates

The derived rates give you more flexible pricing based on other rates. Assign a name like “Social Promo -15%” to indicate the rate purpose and discount.

Set your derived percentage rate, basing it off your direct rate for the room type, like a double room.

Adapt them to your policies to determine your discount-critical policies, like full payment at booking and non-refundability.

You can also adjust the base rate for seasonal variations, and your derived rates will automatically align, like a €20 increase for breakfast-inclusive rates in peak season.


To target specific audiences, like social media followers, hide the rate under a bonus code to prevent general visibility on your booking engine.


Use the link builder to embed the bonus code in a direct booking link.

Share this link in your social media campaigns to instantly direct guests to the discounted rate.


Occupancy Adaptable Rates

Use the Occupancy adaptable rates to change pricing based on occupancy levels automatically. If you know dates with high demand beforehand, you can still use manual pricing for complete control.

Per Guest Rates

Use one rate to support all combinations of adults and children. Clock automatically calculates various pricing cases based on your guest levels and conditions.

The per-guest rates are not a separate rate type but serve as a function for your derived rates, which includes creating package rates based on the number of guests.

Tour operator Contracts

Create specific rates for your tour operators based on the conditions and contracts you sign. Price adjustments include discounts for Early Bird bookers and 7=5 offers.

Hurdle Rates

Attach a Hurdle rate to your published rates to stop sales for lower-than-normal rates on certain days or automatically adjust rates to your set Hurdle rates.

All rates in Clock automatically sync with your channel manager and update across all your channels, including OTAs.

No more juggling different systems — create and control your rate structure in Clock.

Why choose Clock for centralised hotel rate management?

Unlike traditional systems, Clock's built-in integration empowers you to manage all your hotel rates from a single point.

You reduce errors and save time, knowing all rates perfectly sync across all channels.

Advanced automation capabilities automatically adjust rates, further minimising the risk of errors common with manual adjustments.

These automations also enhance accuracy and save valuable time, allowing your team to focus on operations and guest delight.

And thanks to its intuitive interface, your team can quickly adapt rates and master the platform.

Clock's link builder tool empowers you to integrate bonus codes into your promotions effortlessly, enhancing the guest booking experience and driving conversions.

Choosing Clock means simplifying operations through ready-made integrations, powerful automation, and centralised rate management.


Managing hotel operations is hard enough without pricing problems.

With vast integrations and automatic adjustment to base rates, Clock simplifies the management of all your pricing options, reduces errors, and saves significant time with smooth integrations with your channel manager.

Clock gives you complete pricing control in simple steps without manually navigating multiple platforms or updating rates.

With a simple and integrated hotel solution to manage your pricing and revenue strategies, your hotel is ready for all the seasons and demand fluctuations.

Discover a hotel solution that makes it easy to empower staff and stay competitive.

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