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Optimize your pricing with Atomize 2.0

Based on the latest innovation in revenue optimization, Atomize RMS transforms your data into revenue by delivering optimal prices in real-time, 365 days into the future.
Integration between Clock PMS and Atomize RMS gives you the ultimate opportunity to increase RevPAR and save time by letting Atomize automatically setting the optimal prices at any given moment, for every room type.

How it works:

  • After the activation of the seamless integration between Clock PMS Suite and Atomize, the system finds growth opportunities in your hotel and predicts what price changes should be done to earn more.
  • The very accurate predictions based on historical data, performance such as reservations and group allocations from the hotel’s PMS to reveal booking pace, cancelation rates and booking trends. It also takes into consideration competitors’ prices and room availability, search patterns and non-bookings from the web-book engine as well as local holidays in each country.
  • Each suggestion can be rejected, revised or accepted by you. Accepted actions will be applied automatically to the Clock PMS and once you trust the price recommendations fully, you can switch on autopilot.

Important Atomize Features

Atomize gives you access to the latest features that will optimize your revenue, save valuable time and outperform your competitors.

Data analysis

Analyzes tons of data to make optimized pricing decisions

Price suggestions in real-time

Receive new price recommendations as soon as something happens within your property. Adapts your pricing to dynamic, fast-paced markets.


Аccepted actions will be applied automatically to the Clock PMS. As soon as you trust the system you can switch on Autopilot.

Multi Property BI Reporting

Keep track of your hotels KPI:s with endless reporting capabilities by using the latest BI technologies. Monitor your hotels performance in a single click.

Group Pricing

A simpler and more efficient way to price your group booking requests. A tool that instantly calculates the optimal rate for groups and make data-driven decisions on which business to accept in the blink of an eye.


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