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The interface offers increased management efficiency due to the highest level of integration of sales channels into one management system.

"Maximum effect with minimum number of people"

Extended description

Our software has systematised the accommodation industry in Korea streamlining all stages of the booking process. Among the channel manager services currently available in Korea, our HOTELStory channel manager is integrated with the largest number of OTA channels and systems. The use of our system leads to both cost savings and increased profitability for hotels.

Our most important features:

We are very proud of our software supporting the largest number of integrations with other OTA systems in Korea.


We are committed to the active systematisation of the accommodation industry in Korea. We provide convenient and easy-to-use management systems to our hotels through the system integrations with our domestic OTA.

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For activation and any issues with this integration:

Directly contact Hotel Story. They will seek our assistance, if necessary.

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