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Integration with HQ revenue

Use the integration between Clock PMS+ and HQ revenue to increase their property's turnover and save substantial time on market monitoring and business analytics.

HQ revenue gathers data from over 200 OTAs and 300 brands, as the best revenue management teams in the hospitality industry rely on HQ revenue.

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How it works

Through the integration between Clock PMS+ and HQ revenue, you can lever HQ revenue’s Market Intelligence which is lightning-fast market analytics and BI. A reliable, cloud-based software delivering hyper-detailed, up-to-date information on the market, competition, and operations. It offers features like these:

  • Real-time rate shopping;
  • Competitor rates for the next 365 days;
  • Parity check across distribution and meta channels;
  • 30-day price development of any arrival date;
  • Demand analytics in macro markets with LAR;
  • Worldwide public and school holidays, events, and weather forecasts;

Another tool that comes with this integrations is Performance Board, a multi-dimensional PMS tracking solution engineered for continuous analysis. It is also a cloud-based software with an interactive and beautiful interface bringing together OTB and revenue data and relying on robust algorithms that ensure the vast amounts of market information out there are always accessible to every revenue management team. Benefit from:

  • Dynamic pickup tracking;
  • Rolling forecast powered by a;daptive machine learning;
  • Revenue target setting, and tracking of ADR, RevPAR and room nights;
  • Analysis of the current year and the next 365 days;
  • Annual view with aggregated changes;
  • Real-time market data integrated from HQ revenue Market Intelligence;

Most important features


Boost your revenue, stay agile, and minimize the time spent on market analysis with real-time data.


Untangle your PMS data, instantly discover revenue potential and optimize your strategy.


We gather data from over 200 OTAs and 300 brands and integrate with more than 60 of the best software solutions in the industry. Through our API, you have access to vast quantities of market information at your location.


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