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Integration with IDeaS

The integration between Clock and IDeas allows users to seamlessly use data to drive revenue performance.

IDeaS has been an industry trailblazer for decades, transforming hotel profitability and performance by delivering increasingly powerful innovations. Our systems lead to hospitality data insights and productivity improvement. From leading hotel chains to independent properties, our clients trust IDeaS to deliver profitable pricing decisions every day.

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How it works

After the activation of the integration between IDeaS and Clock PMS+:

  • Historical and future data is sent for the bookings, event blocks and statistics regularly to IDeaS. Providing a solid base for the further analysis and proper decision making.
  • The decisions are sent to Clock PMS+ and the respective rates are affected promptly and redistributed to all necessary selling channels.

Most important features

Increase RevPAR

Utilise accurate forecasts and distribute optimal pricing and revenue Inventory control decisions to Clock PMS+.

Optimise Business Mix

Capture your most valuable business and make an immediate positive impact on revenue and profitability.

Enhance Productivity

Data science and machine learning technology automates granular data analysis, forecasting, pricing and controls to allow you to focus on strategy.


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