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Integration with Pace

Grow your hotel and hostel revenues by turning over pricing power to a real-time, automated engine.

Pace is a revolutionary revenue management system that continuously monitors and analyses your bookings to offer price recommendations for every night and room type to maximise your revenue. Packed with beautiful reports - the intuitive Pace app shows you, at a glance, where revenue opportunities are and how your property is performing.

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How it works

The seamless integration between Clock PMS+ and Pace has awesome features, spread across 3 product tiers:

  • Activate Autopilot Mode with our brand new Automation feature, and make Revenue Management a breeze. On top of everything included in Navigator Mode, Pace can now manage multiple properties in your group and provide performance reports for property groups. With hourly dashboard data updates, Pace will always be able to quickly react to your customers demand and maximise revenue - any time of day, 7 days a week.
  • Steer through vast amounts of data with ease, with our Navigator Mode. Get all of the features Discovery Mode has to offer, as well as Pace's Optimum Price Recommendations for every single inventory for the year ahead. Receive stellar, 24/7 customer support alongside forecast reporting, and with Navigator Mode, your dashboard data will update every 3 hours to ensure you are kept up to date.
  • With Discovery Mode, see how your property is performing to make informed pricing decisions. Integrating Pace into your PMS gives you an excellent overview of your property's performance, access to a convenient rate management suite for all of your inventories, as well as seeing occupancy and pick-up for the year ahead. With Discovery Mode your dashboard data updates once per day.

Most important features

Automated, optimal price updates

Hourly dashboard updates & forecasts

Stellar customer support alongside multi-property reporting


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