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Integration with RateTiger

This Integration between Clock PMS+ and RateTiger offers a global distribution system providing connectivity, allowing hoteliers to transfer room rates, inventory and allocation to multiple online sales channels directly from hotel's Clock PMS+. The bookings generated on the sales channels get delivered directly to the hotel's Clock PMS+ keeping the hotel's availability status updated at all times.

This Integration expands visibility by selling on the hotel's choice of channels - choose from over 350 distribution partners including global and regional OTAs, Wholesalers, Metasearch, GDS, Tour Operators, Booking Engine etc.

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How it works

  • A hotelier maps the room code & rate code of Clock PMS+ with the room code & rate code of distribution channels using the eRevMax Channel Manager user interface.
  • Now hotel content can be managed directly from Clock PMS+ user interface automatically.
  • Hotelier reservation bookings from distribution channels automatically into the Clock PMS+ system and corresponding updated inventory get pushed automatically to all configured distribution channels.

Most important features

Integration with most of the globally important OTAs, Wholesalers, IBE, Metas and GDSs

Capability of product fetching, static content fetching and promotion handling

Multi property dashboard


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