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Integration with RoomChecking

"Better experience for your guests while keeping stress and costs under control"

The interface provides the tools to improve your guests’ experience and deliver total customer satisfaction enhancing the communication between front office and the remaining staff.


Extended description

RoomChecking is a hotel technology company that provides a better housekeeping and maintenance system connecting up a hotel's operations staff to improve communications and efficiency across teams. With intuitive mobile and desktop applications that facilitate information and work flows between housekeeping, maintenance, front desk and management to ensure all guest requests and operations tasks are delivered and tracked, resulting in more freedom for staff to work efficiently and deliver great service to guests.

Our most important features:

RoomChecking uses every piece of room data to perfectly mirror the hotel activities for the team moving on floors. The automatic planning is one of the numerous automations that will save you time, money and gain in customer satisfaction. Here are some of the tools RoomChecking offers :

  • Set and get housekeeping status changes on the go
  • Cleaner assignment
  • Corrective and Preventative maintenance
  • Audits
  • Lost & Found
  • Guest Experience (collect guest complaints and satisfaction on mobile)
  • Inventory
  • Auto planning
  • Complex cleaning rules
  • Credits


RoomChecking has been developing their solution to help hotels streaming their operations to focus on guest and make more money. We put great effort to deliver a system you can trust :easy adoption, serious PMS connectivity, great user interface.

Contact Info

For activation and any issues with this integration:

Directly contact RoomChecking. They will seek our assistance, if necessary.

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