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Integration with SiteMinder

The 2-way ARI integration between Clock and SiteMinder automates inventory and rate updates to keep all your booking sites updated.

From the smallest bed & breakfasts to the largest chains, SiteMinder is the name trusted by more than 35,000 hotels around the world to acquire new and repeat guests.

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How it works

After the quick activation of the seamless integration between SiteMinder and Clock PMS+, you will get the following benefits:

  • The system automates the sync of inventory and rate updates between Clock and all of your online channels.
  • Through a real-time sync between booking sites and your Clock PMS+, the number double bookings is considerably lowered.
  • You will forget about the expensive data entry and will have more time to focus on your guests

Most important features

Greater visibility

Make your hotel more visible on the world’s top booking sites and be found by guests across the globe

More direct bookings

Drive direct bookings via your hotel website so you can own the guest relationship and pay zero commission


Leave manual entry behind with systems that work seamlessly together while you run your hotel


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