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Integration with SpotPilot

The integration between Clock PMS+ and SpotPilot RMS will allow users to take complete control over their pricing strategies and tactics, enabling the automation of daily Revenue Management tasks for hoteliers as well as the creation of their own alerts and scenarios in order to allow the machine to work for them 24/7. This means that the pricing strategy will be 100% in hoteliers’ control.

This is the only RMS that allows you to automate your rate & inventory management and infuse it with your culture / strategy. Simply set up your own alerts and scenarios to enable intelligent automation. The intelligent automation tools coming with this integration will execute your strategy and could boost revenue considerably. The system learns your habits, so that it can contextualise your future actions.

How it works

The integration between Clock PMS+ and SpotPilot answers the 6 questions all Revenue Managers should be asking themselves everyday:

  • What happened while I was not here?
  • What did you do while I was not here?
  • What are the tendencies and previsions?
  • Have we received any notifications from our partners?
  • What do you suggest we do?
  • Can you execute this action for me?

Our screens are designed to get to these answers easily and rapidly.

Most important features

Automation of daily tasks, rules, scenarios to adapt to market conditions 24/7

Multi-device (including alerts)

Modular and dynamic Data Analytics tool


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