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Integration with TravelLine

"Saves you time by removing unnecessary manual operations from your workflow while eliminating mistakes and overbooking"

The two-way integration between TravelLine and Clock PMS+ automatically synchronizes availability and price rates in all online sales channels and delivers bookings to Clock PMS+ without any manual operations performed.


Extended description

TravelLine is a company that doesn’t just offer its IT services, but also helps hotels use them most effectively and boost their online sales. TravelLine also achieves that by establishing partnerships with the market leaders, making workflow at a hotel smooth and effortless. Instead of manually changing information in several separate tools, hoteliers enjoy automatic data transfer between the booking engine and PMS. This way, the integration ensures that all tools used by a hotel reflect the same, accurate information.

Our most important features:

The integration automates exchange of the following data types between Clock PMS+, TravelLine booking engine, and OTAs:

  • Room type availability
  • Rate plans and prices
  • Sales restrictions
  • Complete booking data


TravelLine has been an IT vendor of high-tech services for hoteliers for a decade. The product range includes 10 Services with three flagships: booking engine TravelLine Hotel, cloud-based property management system TravelLine WebPMS and TravelLine Channel Manager.

TravelLine is now going worldwide with its offices functioning in Russia, USA, Ukraine, Belarus, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Contact Info

For activation and any issues with this integration:

Directly contact TravelLine. They will seek our assistance, if necessary.

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