+ Event and Meeting Management:  
end-to-end solution for your MICE business

Everything you need for successful MICE: presentable offer templates, bookable meeting rooms calendar, staff informative function sheets, organised group bookings with mass management options, master folios, clear detailed reports.

Our software helps you improve

Customer communication

Customer communication

Event organisation

Event organisation

Finance management

Finance management

Fully customisable offers and templates. Show your best

Often it’s not just what you can offer. It’s how you present it. Our quote templates give you full freedom of content and styling so you can present your meeting rooms, catering menus, accommodation options and everything else in the best possible way.

Function rooms: Instant inventory and booking

A special calendar calendar-type monitor gives you full information about the availability of your meeting rooms. Book a room right there and add the activities and services related to it, so everything you need to know is tidily tucked in one place, easy to find and track.

Function sheets: Times, locations, instructions, tasks

It’s easy to make sure everybody knows what needs to be done. Just print the function sheet for the event, it contains all the details and tasks for your staff.

Room blocks and bookings, too.

Events that take place in your hotel and include overnight accommodation are organised without unnecessary complications. A room block will ensure you have enough availability and don’t overbook. Bookings linked to the event will take up its rooms and the special pickup report will keep you informed of the progress.

Manage finances:
deposits, charges, everything

The financial side of managing events is just as well thought over. Deposit payments, room charges, F&B transfers from the restaurant, invoice payments - everything is stored in a special event folio in the company profile. And a designated report which provides information about pending payments.

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