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Integration with Adria Scan

The integration between Clock and Adria Scan ID Reader enables you to scan and read personal documents while automatically populating data into guest profiles in just a few seconds.

Adria Scan ID Reader accurately reads data from passports, ID cards and driver licences. Through the seamless integration with Clock PMS, the scanning process is started directly from the Arrivals list and helps hotels to automate the data entry process without changing the standard operation procedure while increasing speed, accuracy and overall hotel security.

How it works

Automating data entry to guest profile without changing standard procedure in few simple steps:

  • Go to “Booking” - “Arrivals” and find desired booking
  • Open the booking and select a guest whose data needs to be updated
  • Activate scan by clicking the “Scan Document” button
  • After reading the document, data will be automatically populated into the Guest Profile
  • The Guest Profile can be accessed, reviewed and modified at anytime by clicking the “Edit” button

The Scanning feature can be used both for the main guest (Booking holder), as well as for all additional guests. If enabled, document images will be automatically saved to a dedicated folder. The images will be protected with a watermark stamp to prevent data manipulation.

Most important features

Automates data entry to Guest Profile

Supports majority of personal and travel documents worldwide

Increases speed, accuracy and security


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