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Integration with Akia

The integration between Clock PMS+ and the artificial-intelligence company Akia reimages communications for travels by allowing them to connect to hotel staff, the concierge, or Akia herself with a simple text message.
The Akia suite of contactless solutions are helping hotels adapt to new safety protocols and keep guests and staff safe by reducing high-touch points at the front desk while maintaining excellent customer service.

Properties saw an increase of up to +142% in positive reviews after deploying Akia on property.

How it works

The integration with Akia provides the following benefits:

  • Quickly and automatically have Akia answer common questions, while allowing your team to shine for the not-so-common ones
  • Akia brings all channels of communication into one unified inbox. Whether it's Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, your website visitors, internal communications, or even just plain ol' text-messaging, we got it all in one place.
  • Get feedback and improve metrics you care about by engaging with happy guests, get amazing reviews, and drive your reputation scores.
  • Register your guests early with text-messaging. Use Akia's documents feature to have guests read and sign digital registration cards before they arrive on property

Most important features

Guest Messaging

Reputation Management

Contactless Registration


Contact Info

  • Phones: +1 (650) 769-5688

  • Activation

    Directly contact Akia. They will seek our assistance, if necessary

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