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Integration with BetterSpace

The integration between Clock PMS+ and the holistic solution platform better.hotel offers a multitude of smart digitization options that revolutionize and simplify the daily work of hoteliers and delighting guests.

Betterspace is a leading provider of innovative and digital solutions for the hotel industry. The digitization experts from Betterspace accompany hotels in their digital transformation process from the initial consultation to the various options to turnkey implementation and smooth operation.

Betterspace's solutions portfolio includes:

  • Interactive solutions for guest communication along the journey (better.guest)
  • intelligent solutions for energy management (
  • attractive offers for the digital infrastructure of hotels (better.connect)

better.guest by Betterspace offers hotels a digital solution for communication and interaction with guests - before, during and after their stay. The software solution is hardware-independent and can be perfectly adapted to the needs of your hotel through a selection of different output media like In-Room Tablet, Hotel App and Digital Signage. by Betterspace is an intelligent room control system that was developed especially for use in hotels. It can be used simply, economically and without structural measures in the entire building.

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How it works

Features for better.guest

  • Full and hygienic digital guest directory
  • Push-messages ad-hoc or automated
  • Quick feedback & guest surveys
  • Interactive chat with or without automatic answers
  • Request & order management as shop or single article
  • Room cleaning easy opt-in or opt-out

Features for

  • Occupied rooms are recognized and heated to the pre-set temperature
  • Only occupied rooms are heated automatically and independently of personnel
  • Open windows are detected and the heating is automatically adjusted
  • Set upper and lower temperature limits
  • Receive warnings and benefit from predictive maintenance runs

Most important features

Increase revenues

Reduce operational costs

Delight guests


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